Confessions of a Ladies Man: Alpha Females want Alpha Males Too!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Alpha Females want Alpha Males Too!

I recently started dating an alpha female. Not sure why I attract them but I do. It is actually funny because on GAG I am really culturally controversial. There are some women who call me a misogynist or a woman hater. I am accused of "attacking women" in My Takes. But...I attract women like this woman. Feminist, artsy, hipster types who are independent and blunt.

One night we were spooning in her bed. At 2:30am someone banged on her door. The motion alarms went off. It isn't a good neighborhood with drug deals and such. It was my second time at her place and our second date. I was scared.

I thought about going to the window or the door just on pure male protective instinct. But she was this alpha female "Leave me alone women can do it too" type of chic. So I just laid there holding her and kissing her. She turned on her phone and saw the camera footage of some woman in a hoodie.

I just laid there. Didn't go to the door. This was her home. She was in charge.

The next day she wanted to have a "talk". She said that she was upset that I didn't answer the door. She said she didn't know why. We agreed to talk about it the next day.

She is white and I am black.

So, I thought about it. The next day I told her that I failed her. I said that men are biologically herders, hunters, and protectors. Women are biologically nesters. I told her I failed her as a man. I explained that was why she was turned off and wasn't attracted. Sure women are capable, I told her, but their biological instinct of attraction is for a man to be the protector and to be resourceful.

I know you are a feminist and this kills all libido for me, I said. I hope we can be friends. She just laughed and said that me coming over to talk and explain deep thoughts to her made her horny. She said she wanted to "rip my clothes off". We chatted more about gender over coughed. Then we fucked.

Feminist alpha males want men who play their gender roles too!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Alpha Females want Alpha Males Too!
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    I never understood why people even use those stupid "alpha" and "beta" labels to describe people. We're not animals that react purely upon our instincts. We are humans that are capable of making choices, feeling emotions, and thinking logically. The decisions that we make are not required to be based solely on what's "biological." Simply put, I don't use labels such as those to describe me. I'm a woman that knows what she wants in relationships. I value confidence, maturity, sex appeal, and social skills in men. I also provide for myself because I'm an adult and that's what adults do. This doesn't make me "alpha" or "beta." It simply makes me a woman with preferences and responsibilities like any other woman. Also, I can't take any man that describes himself as an "alpha male" seriously. If anything, I wouldn't be attracted. I would cringe because it makes him come off as a guy that spends way too much time on the internet looking too much into relationship stuff and trying to mold himself into being the "right" guy. We can tell when guys are trying too hard.
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    • "I value confidence, maturity, sex appeal, and social skills in men"

      you value those traits because evolution selected for them over millions of years. So in trying to debunk the existence of "alpha males", you've actually just proved its existence.

    • @SomeGuyCalledTom: Well, in that sense, "alpha male" is nothing more than a subjective term that can describe any man. Either way, I still can't take any man seriously that actually uses that label. I find it more attractive when a man considers confidence, maturity, sex appeal, and social skills in men to be HIS characteristics rather than "alpha male" characteristics.

    • @SomeGuyCalledTom BOOM NAILED IT.
      And I hate to break it to you @Tiffany_Taylor_Made but these terms are there for a reason. Oh, and yes we ARE animals.

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  • Jacqp
    Because alpha people find the submissive "yes man" weak and a turn off. They like the fight... the snap back of a strong partner
    Both my boyfriend and I are alpha and it just runs smoother. Same values and drive. Not push overs
    I like a man that will tell me to shut up when getting too mouthy or push me down on bed when he is horny. Instead of guessing games
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    • Apope16

      Great post! thanks for your comment! good stuff! YOu deserve more likes.

    • @Jacqp You've earned yourself a new follower. And let me add that not just alpha females hate submissive "yes" men. Women in general find that unattractive.

    • Petra150

      It sounds very old-fashioned I'm complete different. I'll hates guy to take over, I'm more attracted to a silent guy who are more intelligent. He learnt me to play chess and save stamps. Wine tasting and read a good book. While I use to play volleyball and CrossFit, somthing I'll never get him to do, guess he's height never will make him s good vollyeball player anyway, being 8" shorter than me isn't great for vollyeball. I'd always love to help him when we are out and sone horribel guy want to fight him, there's nothing more sexy than helping your guy, and him crying by my side in the night time while he thanks me for fighting them horribel big guys. It just I a great turn in to be with a guy emeho are able to forget he's manlyness and just show compassion and love. He's a real ALPHA in most women's eyes. In just tall and strong nothing to brag about

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Most Helpful Guys

  • EssenceOfLight
    Responsible and confident males don't want competitors as partners, they want an ally. Unfortunately most women who claim to be "Alpha females" are just obnoxious bitches who are questioning everything without thinking even a millisecond about mutual benefits that their partners propose. Every "Alpha" girl I know barks a lot but without competent and smart partner on their side they are just ridiculous loud pinschers with inflated egos and without anyone who follows those girls without being dependent from them.
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  • hahahmm
    Of course she wants you to take a bullet for her. They all do. The question is if you think getting laid is worth your life. If her ex with guns had showed up at her door that night, you'd see what I mean.
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    • Apope16

      Right. Which is why Breonna Taylor is dead and her boyfriend is alive. haha. Good point!

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  • For the most part true. I've always been more dominant than my male companions. But a small part of me does like the hero aspect of men. It is a turn on.
  • HedwigInABox
    Most women would've want you to take on the role of the protector. I don't know why she said something else. Probably because of missplaced pride and ego. I'd personally see that as a red flag.
    • TessCasie

      Cause she ain’t an alpha female

    • Very accurate observation

    • Petra150

      Glad you said most, because bi including myself and quite a few others love to be a guardian angel. Just as I love being big and powerful, guess that's deep in most women who love being piwerfukk and big, while real men don't bgiveca shit about being powerful and usually vseizecbever mean shit to a guy. Never heard a guy who told me , he loved my two meter body , or found seize or strength a great thing. But I know, when we girls were having a shower after our vollyeball training, we loved to mesure each other , and the feeling of beeing tallest and strongest just grow deep in side us, and I also love the fact in much taller than my hubby and most men and them few men taller and bigger than me , ofcauce never caught my attention , as a we girls ain't attracted to power guys, they simply never get noticede

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  • TomGarand
    Then as a submissive man... I'm pretty much fucked.
    • Apope16

      dont worry bro. you can still be sweet. just be a value set man of principles who is true to what he says.

    • TomGarand


    • Apope16

      You don't have to dominate a woman or be super macho to get women wet and horny. I am a skinny metrosexual guy. How do I do it? By being super sweet, charming, but being assertive and very clear. Also by being willing to walk away and not be pushed around. For example, if you ask a girl on a date and she says "maybe". Then just say, "I want a girl excited about me. good luck on your journey". A woman will only see you as an alpha if she has the real fear or sense that she may lose you. That you aren't taken for granted.

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    This site is literally the only place I see this Alpha/beta BS.
    • No, you see it from this guy. He makes takes on it every few days proving that he is, indeed, a chick magnet, but I do not think he is one but. He is clearly overcompensating here.

    • @Gisellealphababe definitely overcompensating

    • Petra150

      What do you mean with overcompensating. Only types I'd seen overcompensating are some of the tall athletes on our male vollyeball team, as they are so stupid they can't spell there own name, so none of us women wants to socialize with them

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  • douride2
    This whole alpha/beta thing. This is the only place I ever hear it mentioned. I never hear anyone talk about it IRL.
  • bamesjond0069
    Yes you're exactly right. They do. But if you play the male role and their are also primarily playing the male role, they don't serve much of a relationship purpose to a man. Perfectly fine to fuck but i just dont get why a man would want someone who is essentially his duplicate but with a vagina when he can have someone who has a lot to offer their shared life together instead... and yes who comes with a vagina too. Lol.
    • Exactly my thoughts aswel. "Alpha females" often lock horns with "Alpha" males and bring drama. And Apope literally proved that in his take. I'd stick to a more feminine non-Alpha woman if it means not having a headache.

  • TessCasie
    Weird ! I think she is just so full of herself and finally she’ll turn into a monster.
  • Dracuaw
    Another shitty post talking about a shitty concept of being "Alpha"
  • Inquisitive3
    I didn't read all that but I can guarantee if you're a misogynist, no alpha woman would be interested in you.
  • Anon_deals
    Ahh sorry to break it to you but ---> Strong women actually appreciate strong men. Men, on the other hand, are the ones who were and are so hell-bent on making women into submissive pushover beings. It's all over our society; the traditions, generalized traits, the expectations, etc. Look at history when men were in control of everything, what were women doing? Being a freaking baby and house maker, couldn't even get an education, own property, or have their own money. Men did that because ideally, most men want a weaker partner. What's interesting though is that the mentality these men have doesn't make them strong or an 'Alpha'

    Of course, not all men are sexist as I described here. Also, when I say "strong" women I mean confident, knows what she's worth, etc
    • David_Kek

      On one hand you say all women want strong men, on the other you blame men for that desire in women.
      In terms of feminist attitudes, that was the best mental gymnastics I've ever heard in bridging the void between feminist theory and the reality of women's instinctual desires. I mean it's not true, with there's being so much more to it, but... I genuinely found that entertaining to read.

    • Anon_deals

      @David_Kek I did not say all strong women want strong men. Actually, there are plenty of women who are scared of men and they're justified. Also, there's definitely a correlation between what is viewed as a strong woman and strong men, society and traditions push that on us. And there is a reason for everything in society

    • David_Kek

      You didn't need to, you made enough of a generalization to reveal your hand. You are not sexually attracted to men weaker than yourself, but rather you desire men stronger than you. At the same time however, you're afraid of them to the point of prejudice and discrimination, thereby putting yourself in an interesting catch22.

      There is a reason for everything, but your reason to explain all this is the part I find amusing. For whatever reason you're afraid of men, to the point of doing what it takes to keep away from them, such as believing in feminist patriarchy theory, to view men as an entire group as dangerous and oppressive. In doing so that includes taking on a lot of their beliefs, such the notion that in society men have all the power and women have none at all, and there's nothing women can do about it, except to keep spreading their ideology in the hope that the day in society that everyone is a feminist, then the patriarchy will finally be destroyed; aka, setting themselves an impossible goal so women will never have to take responsibility for literally anything negative, and all of it can always be blamed on men.
      The part about that I find funny is that you've taken that to such an incredible degree, that you even blame men for your own desires. The fact you like to rub one out to manly men much stronger than yourself, to you that's not biology, no, that's an example of how the patriarchy is oppressing you. You gotta admit, that is kinda funny.

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  • Kingofkings1992
    There is no such thing as “alpha” and “beta.” Human beings are very complex creatures, and you can’t just lump each person into one category or the other. To me, anyone who uses this terminology is a total simpleton.
    • Drakkith

      Agreed. The whole alpha/beta thing is a seriously flawed way to describe people.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Alpha women want alpha men they can still manipulate, without them realizing they're being manipulated. The narcissistic disorder train is coming. Trust me. Remember this post. 👍
    • Absolutely correct! I've experienced and seen this happen so much around me. I stay away from these type of females. My girlfriend's mom is exactly like that. Extremely controlling and manipulative towards her husband and kids. And yet she still respects me because I'm not afraid to put her in her place, despite her being my "mother in law", but hates she has no control over me. She even asks me how I manage to take orders from higher ranking Officers in the Air Force because of my dominant nature. I explained the difference between being a dictator who is trying to boss me in my personal life and a leader who is ordering me around in an environment where hierarchy is strictly applied.

      I also have an ex who is exactly like you described. Only for me to find out later in the relationship that she is like that. People can pretend for so long until the mask drops. She was always trying to be the dominant and gets frsutrated when I don't budge. But then again gets wet at the fact that I put her in her place. Now I'm with a girl who is not a headache like the last.

  • Doflamingo1
    Alpha females wants men too? Bro you sounded like you were in your feminine energy. You got all emotional, you shit your pants when someone knocked on the door, and then you apologised for what?
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I'm not really seeing how your story proves your hypothesis, but it was a fun anecdote to read, maybe you can develop your ideas on this topic a bit more in another post or something
  • Kaazsz
    I don't think an alpha female would like me at all. I do what i want, and I really don't care what she thinks.
  • TruthBringer
    Despite the oh so "intellectual" ladies of GAG want to believe, terms like "Alpha" and "Beta" are incredibly accurate in describing certain characteristics in people. With 1 term, you can instantly know the characteristics assigned to a person. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the idea of "Alpha" And yes, "Alpha" females DESIRE "Alpha" males. This is genetically coded in their DNA. No matter how much of a feminist you are, every woman wants and desires a strong, leading and confident man (wich are "Alpha" characteristics). The only thing is, they don't want to admit it. Because of feminazism.
    • By the way, the existence of "Alpha females" is highly doubtable. They are often obnoxious women trying to emulate masculine men and want to bark orders to everyone around her, while at the same time, can't win from her biological self and gets wet when she herself gets dominated by a strong man. No true "Alpha" male gets with a so-called "Alpha female" who can't help but to lock horns with the man over the most trivial shit.

    • Drakkith

      Sorry bud, I'm going to have to call you out on your bullshit. The whole 'alpha' and 'beta' concept is seriously flawed in both concept and execution. People are extremely complex and I've known plenty of men who have many of these 'alpha traits' that would never be called an alpha. Perhaps the best way I can put it is that it isn't that the whole alpha/beta thing is wrong/right, it's just so simplified and flawed that it's comparable to using late 1800's medical knowledge in the modern day when we know better. At best, it's useless to use it, and at worst it's actively detrimental. As both of your posts here have shown.

      Also, I'd like a peer reviewed reference supporting your assertion that alpha females desire alpha males, and also one that can identify where in their DNA this is encoded.

      Basically, your posts are complete BS and you know nothing about what you're talking about. Be a real man and learn some actual facts please.

    • @Drakkith These terms are more suitable for the wild than in our times. If we look at tribes long ago, you can tell who is alpha and who is not. These terms especially now are subjective and do not have a static meaning. Like many “normal” terms these days. However, these terms serve a purpose to bring for a general idea. Everyone knows exactly what these two terms are in their fundamentals. Sadly, they are both overused and often misused. And I need not to give a source about Alpha females wanting Alpha males because like I’ve pointed out, the whole “Alpha female” thing doesn’t exist in my eyes. On top of that, even if I were to give you sources, you already made up your mind and called my posts “complete BS”. Which makes it utterly a useless and a waste of time to show you evidence as you’re clearly closed minded to even give it a fair go.

      Sorry pal, but because you don’t like these terms being used, doesn’t mean they can’t nor that they don’t hold any validity. Unfortunately for you, they do, they are being used and succeed in giving a general and unrefined idea. Which makes them highly effective when speaking from general perspectives. Which is a FACT. And I’m not sure believing in the terms “Alpha” and “Beta” has to do with being a real man or not. This alone shows your own flawed mentality. Begone, you clearly got nothing relevant to say and are starting to projecting your own insecurity.

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  • Ayanna240
    yea well. News Flash:

    Beta males prefer submissive women too.
    I'm guess you don't know this due to lack of experience.
  • Browneye57
    Well sure, but just know that an 'alpha female' is an alpha male with female sex bits. The entire terminology is based around being MALE. So it's kind of a misnomer.
    I did a 'take on this some time back, about highly driven and successful women, and how they interact with their man.

    The bottom line is, the more a woman tries to be like a man, the less desirable she is to them.

    No guy worth his salt wants some bimbo competing with him on everything, or arguing about everything. For some reason, many young women think these are desirable traits, when they never learned the real lady traits. FAIL
    • You've NAILED IT. It's just laughable how there are women (especially feminists) who shame you and call you "weak", "small dick energy" etc. when you choose not to get with a woman who is (overly) competitive and acts like a man. "What you can't handle a strong and independent woman?". The thing is, I am more than capable of dealing with them, but I choose not to since I can get with truly feminine women who would rather be a teamplayer than a thorn in my side.

    • Browneye57

      @TruthBringer - Exactly. Are they a joy? Or a PITA?
      The ideal woman isn't the best looking one, although you better not fuck this up cuz you'll be waking up to that mug for the rest of your life if you marry her. No, it's about her loving you, adoring you, being in awe and devoted to you, wanting to make you happy. Some women are just naturally this way, the nurturers, the ones that love to serve. And if they choose the right guy, she is forever taken care of and treat well in kind.
      This stuff really isn't magic. No guy worth his salt wants a lady that is just like him. He wants one that augments him and his life, not competes with it.

  • Bananaman177
    Yeah, no shit.

    So do beta and omega females.
  • prince350
    What a white woman gets for dating a black man, a coward. When did a black man not punch from the back, or someone half his size?
  • Phoenix98
    Lol that's got nothing to do with being an "alpha" what kind of man thinks about going through the window to escape and and save his own ass. Leaving a woman or anyone for that matter in their home when someone could be potentially trying to breaking in. Or cause trouble.

    The simple fact is that when shit hits the fan a person's true colours are revealed and in that instant you showed yours. That's all it is.

    And just FYI "pure male instinct" would have been to assess the situation and investigate and grab a weapon on the way to the door if need be.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "The next day I told her that I failed her. I said that men are biologically herders, hunters, and protectors. Women are biologically nesters. I told her I failed her as a man. I explained that was why she was turned off and wasn't attracted. Sure women are capable, I told her, but their biological instinct of attraction is for a man to be the protector and to be resourceful. I know you are a feminist and this kills all libido for me, I said. I hope we can be friends."No "alpha male" would tear himself down like this. 🙄
  • locutus9999
    i know, me and my ex (probably ex) we are of strong character, I've notices she do not respect other men as much as me, same from my side to her.
  • gemgem
    Why are this guys cringe takes constantly featured? Is he friends with one of the mods?
    • Apope16

      Because they are popular and get more people talking than anyone else on the site. Everyone elses takes are boring and cliche.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Chittychittybang
    That’s because strong independent women like men who are the same.
  • I think it must be your obnoxious arrogance that attracts all the alpha females...
  • ChefPapiChulo
    Lmao what a bullshit story.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Your delusional fantasies are entertaining.
  • Whtevernever
    What a foolish jumble of pointless words.
  • art84
    Never heard of an Alpha Female before.
  • Coolmanxl
    What is alpha 😃
    • Jacqp

      Confident... in charge... a leader.

    • Coolmanxl

      @Jacqp yes I am 😉

    • Drakkith

      It's nothing but a flawed way of jamming people into a couple of different groups based on their personality traits. I've known plenty of people with these so-called 'alpha traits' that no one in their right mind would describe as being an alpha.

  • igormayer
    Yes and no.
  • Anonymous
    Your understanding this only partially correct.

    Alpha females still like to be secured, but without her having to feel subservient in anyway due to the credit the guy gets in providing that security. In other words, her security should be both implicit to the relationship and unquestioned in any circumstance.

    So think of it like a queen and her bodyguard. Protecting the queen doesn't make him gain a position of advantage or credit over her, if anything, her company is still a privilege to him, AND her security is implied in the very definition of the relationship (her bodyguard).

    So such a woman's perfect male is not the alpha male - the alpha male is too well established and opinionated for her, it will be a clash. Such a woman's perfect man is the "beast man" who is:--
    1. Not opinionated on matters she has strongly made her mind about.
    2. Capable of physically protecting her in a situation.
    3. Can take orders from her without feeling offended.
    4. Takes her lead on decision making on finances, children and other worldly matters because her intelligence is her alpha trait.
    5. Ability to satisfy her sexually in the bed (chances are she's actually sexually submissive and likes her beast man to take her as he wishes in this department, and this balances out the beast man's feeling of being a real person and not a robot in the relationship).
    6. Ability to keep a fun conversation going.

    The short coming is, the alpha female will like the security that comes in this relationship, but she may emotionally fall away since her beast man doesn't pique her intellectual side. The paradox is, an intelligent conversation is very much liked, but such people also tend to be opinionated and thus may lead to clashes. A right balance is thus desired for the beast man to be perfect for her.
  • Anonymous
    LOL I see that he is constantly making takes on being a chick magnet or whatever, but it sounds like you’re overcompensating for something that you are NOT. Delusional asf.
    • Anonymous

      The last line “feminist alpha males want..”. WTF? 😂

    • Anonymous

      He’s saying feminist gays want men who are gay? HUH

  • Anonymous
    No I don't want someone who calls himself that.
    What a loser.
    • Unit1

      More women should follow your lead on this one!

    • Anonymous

      @Unit1 I think they do lmao. The only ones who don't are the female version of the guy so there's no loss there hahaha

    • Unit1

      True that 😁

  • Anonymous
    Of course, men will say women want them, too. No we don't.
    I don't care whether a guy is alpha, omega, or anything in between. "Alpha" men are often abusers, controllers, bullies, etc. No thank you. Josette Sona talks about this situation in detail in her books (which are free to download from bookselling websites). Abusers aren't worth the drama.
    • Alpha males get confused with asshole, which is why women think the alpha males are abusive. Of course there are abusive guys out there but that means they are sadistic assholes not alpha males.

    • Drakkith

      @Vviiccttoorr The whole alpha/beta thing is bullshit anyways. People are FAR more complex than this and the whole idea is so bad that you basically don't find it at all in professional literature on human studies except to debunk it.

    • Petra150

      @Drakkith just my words

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  • Anonymous
    In my experience there really is no such thing as a “alpha” female. Yes there are women who are much more driven, confident and ambitious than others. However when the going gets tough they always can fall back on a shoulder to cry on.

    Let me give you a perfect example. Rhonda Rousey. To be fair Rhonda was very badass in her time during the championship run at the UFC. She helped push the women’s division into the mainstream. Being a ex pro myself I know exactly how much work, stress and sacrifice that takes. You go through hell in background in that sport.

    But they she got KTFO by Holly Holm. Okay it’s mma and it happens. It sucks but that’s the game. She was understandably upset as anyone would be (alpha or not).

    But then she was the f*cking Elle show a week later saying she was suicidal. While I take suicide seriously I also believe anybody who cries to the public and goes on live television is just looking for shoulder to cry on.

    No alpha male (if alpha even exists) would ever do that. You would never see Conor mcgregor, Nate Diaz, GSP, etc. ever doing that. All those guys have been upset when they were supposed to win. Some of those guys may secretly feel that way after a huge humiliating disappointment but they don’t talk about it. I remember how down I felt after first mma loss. I was devastated. But I didn’t go around crying about it public. They are men. They do cry but they do it behind closed doors.

    Every girl who said she is “alpha” has always shown extremely hypocritical beta behavior down the road.
    • VERY WELL PUT! I've always been sceptical about the term "Alpha Female". It's just women trying to emulate masculine traits and pretending to be men. It's a constant battle between their pride/ego and their biological self. Not every highly educated woman is an Alpha. And as someone who has gone to university, I can confirm that. I've found that the so-called "Alpha females" often are women who try to lock horn with a man over the most trivial stuff, always have their way, are manipulative and can even show narcissitic traits. It's a constant battle where they try to act dominant, but want to get dominated themselves. Absolute headache and I've been there myself by dating one in the past, and seeing how my "mother in law" is.

    • Anonymous

      @TruthBringer these women tend to take the things a step further to “make a point”. But when things don’t go there way they still get societal leeway to cry and play victim. They are often hypocrites.

      Anyway I completely respect women who bust their asses and sacrifice to get ahead. A few years ago two women successfully completed the US Army Ranger training. They were held to the same standards as men. Now THAT I can respect. These women were humble too about it.

      But loudmouth victim card bitches dry me nuts. If you get ahead great. But quit complaining.

    • @Anonymous These little "victims" are the product of modern feminist indoctrination and society spoiling them since they are little and all the pathetic loser men trying to simp their way into their pants, boosting their ego's even more. And then people wonder "where did all the men go?" and why men are leaving the dating market and marriages.

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  • Anonymous
    I think you should work on your definition of "alpha man" as you sound like a bigger pussy than a woman. Goodness me. Talk about a spineless bitch that you were going to jump out the window to save your worthless ass cause let's be honest why the fuck are you going to the window when the banging's on the door.
    • Instead of using shallow and unintelligent shaming tactics, why don't you 'educate' him on where he is wrong? oh well, asif I should expect anything from a person cowering behind the Anonymous option and then calls others "spineless bitches" and a "pussy". Ironic.

    • Anonymous

      @TruthBringer go suck a dick

    • What an "intelligent" reply. Didn't expect anything more

  • Anonymous
    Holy fuck... You and her aren’t alpha anything as it doesn’t exist in our species. Tell yourself what you want but if you are in “administrative” from your profile and she is in a bad neighborhood, you are the winners of the world. When you two are in your forties life will start to get hard... no looks, no game and alone in a shifty apartment. Wake up mr. alpha.
    • Anonymous

      Aren’t the winner*

      Oh, and I am.

  • Anonymous
    How do you know what category of women you are?
    • Anonymous

      Or how do you rate them

    • Apope16

      Great question. If you aren't sure then you aren't an alpha female. An alpha knows they are an alpha via personal transformation or comments by other people. Its like a personal journey of self discovery and coming out as a new and confident person in a new way that is intense and attractive to other people.

      How do I rate women? I don't rate women. They are beautiful and unique in their own way. Not all women. But most women.

  • Anonymous
    I can't speak for alpha females but alpha males typically do NOT enjoy alpha females. There is no room for two alphas in a romantic relationship, for what I think should be pretty obvious reasons.
    • ElvenMr

      Lol yea, in the animal world there can't be two alphas afaik... in my opinion this whole alpha thing doesn't work/exist for humans.

    • Anonymous

      @ElvenMr Alpha is just another term for a dominant personality or a leader. Call it whatever you want but it exists in humans.

    • Both your original post and reply to ElvenMr are spot on! Well done!

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