Ladies, stop pampering the assholes who won't appreciate you !


WARNING : I'm talking about toxic men and not generalizing men. If you can't read/understand and love to get triggered then leave this Mytake.

  • It makes me sad that so many women are being empathetic, forgiving or tolerating MORE than required.
  • Very few men do that too but most of them walk away from toxic girls but women aren't able to do the same when she's with a toxic guy.

Whether it's your crush, boyfriend or husband you've taken the oath to be their therapist, doormat or punching bag.

  • You do lot of things for them. All they do is hang out with their buddies, make you feel insecure, ignore you, act busy, stare at or flirt with other girls behind your back and then come back to you according to their convenience.
  • They show their cheerful, joyful and generous side to the world BUT they DUMP all their toxic energy on YOU !
  • They suddenly act pissed, busy, not ready, not attentive or simply lashing out at you.
  • They even abuse you emotionally, mentally and physically. This is not a good sign.

Invest that energy on your family, loyal girl pals or good friendly girls. Let's grow strong together.

Dump them ASAP.

Ladies, stop pampering the assholes who wont appreciate you !

Better to be alone than with a scumbag who is using you to clean his never ending mess.

Ladies, stop pampering the assholes who won't appreciate you !
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  • Bat-Perv
    Many times, when a guy tells me about his wife’s affair partner, he will start rattling off reasons why the loser is the absolute opposite of what you would expect from a “typical” affair partner:

    1. He has a horrible job.
    2. Everyone thinks he’s a loser.
    3. He lives with his parents.
    4. He’s not that great looking.
    5. He has a criminal record.

    Most of the betrayed husband’s observations can be summarized as, “He'll never be a good provider for her. He's a terrible prospect for a serious long-term relationship.” This goes against the common belief that a woman is always looking to “upgrade” to a better man if given the chance (a phenomenon known as Hypergamy). This guy doesn’t seem to be an upgrade in any sense of the word.

    That’s precisely the first thing that draws her to him. He’s not the Provider. He’s not a long-term relationship candidate. He’s not a dad. He's not her husband.

    He’s her Lover.

    Any “player” type of guy with no sense of morals will tell you one universal truth:

    The easiest women to “pick up” are married women.

    Why? The player doesn’t have to compete with thousands of other guys… just one.

    Husband is caring, kinda boring, sweet, and a great father? Then just be dangerous, kind of a jerk, adventurous, and let her know in no uncertain terms that you think kids suck.

    If he catches the right wife at the right time, the “must mate with this man” buttons are pushed in a big way. Surprisingly easy, actually.

    Next thing you know she’s getting a tattoo, researching cosmetic surgery, starts making more disrespectful comments towards the husband and spends less time with the kids.

    So, exactly what is going on here? What happened is that the Loser Lover stumbled upon a woman that was perfectly ripe and ready for plucking from the fidelity tree. For a variety of reasons, her boundaries were broken down to the point where she was willing to be intimate with a man whose sole criteria was, “Not my husband. Nothing like my husband. Just help me get away from all this awfulness in my life. Make me feel alive again.”
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    • I had a long time galpal that the exact shit you laid out above. She described her ex husband as “a good man but not an alpha”. I just wanted to vomit. Now she’s dating a married man who has a 6 year old daughter. She got breast surgery 5 years ago.

      She admits she has become a pos but says she’s can’t control it anymore. I’m not really friends with her anymore. For the longest time she was one of the very women I could get real with because I wasn’t attracted to her at all. She said “she wasn’t like the other girls” and in her 20s that was true. But she jumped off into the deep end. Makes me sick to my stomach. Not just about her but it’s more proof that most women have this selfish stupid self sabotage button.

    • Yeah but women want both. You got to be good to them in one way but you got to also be alpha and have no fear to put your girl down on her face and whoop her ass if she deserves it. You have to stay on point and treat her like the one and only yet show her you could get any number of women at the drop of a hat. This is how you keep a good woman a good woman. Good women do not exist in a vacuum, in the absence of a strong man all women become bad women. In the past it wasn't shameful to admit this but why do you think dads owned their daughters up to the point they gave them to the husband? To keep the girls from turning bad like they ALL do eventually if left to their own devices.

    • @bamesjond0069 it’s tough not get depressed and not give up on dating with this crap. The problem is feminism has made it literally a crime for men to check women. When I say “check” I don’t mean slapping them up (although some women really need and/or actually want that). I’m just saying standing your ground when a woman is being a selfish pos. We are told that “patriarchy” controls women and we bend over backwards for them when in reality it’s just one giant shit test.

      This is one of reasons I’ve been afraid to commit to someone. Being a natural gentleman I want the best. But that has gotten me screwed over more than once in the past. Having wife who pulls that would be the ultimate kick in the nuts.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Why women do it?
    * society
    * family
    * kids
    * culture

    Else, they're just pathetic if they do it for "Love"
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    • Elsa143

      Even more pathetic if they betray or compete with their female friends but lick the feets of her so called lover.

    • Elsa143

      Sadly most of them do for love also. That's why I wrote this mytake. 1% of guys will do the same for love.

    • anon1903

      When love becomes a chain, one's gotta break free.

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  • MzAsh
    Another lady with some damn sense around here. Typically, these girls are immature and have low self esteem. No woman with self respect allows her to be treated with disrespect.
    • Elsa143

      Thanks I saw few questions asked by girls. The red flags were too visible but still they were doubting themselves and blamed themselves for overthinking

  • guesswhoseback
    “Very few men do that too but most of them walk away from toxic girls”. Yes. Thank you!

    Women are sadly much more attracted to assholes vs. men are attracted to bitches. Admittedly I might have a fleeting interest in a bitchy girl but I will only take so much. The short time I do tolerate her is just me trying to figure out if it’s a hard exterior but when I figure out she really is a POS I don’t stick around.

    As for women chasing assholes. You know what if you want to jump head first into the deep dark abyss be my guest. But the writing is usually always on the wall but you ignore it because he “excites” you. Will when he screws you over (and he will) then you have no one to blame but the person in the mirror.
    The problem is society (both men and women) give self sabotaging women a shoulder to cry on vs mocking men who get screwed over by women as “doormats, betas, chumps, pushovers, etc.”. But women in the exact same scenario are somehow delicate victims.

    No, you are not a victim you just have a low self esteem and allowed your emotions to ruin your life. It is on YOU that this went wrong. Own up to your mistake and don’t do it again. But people got to stop coddling women who make shitty decisions.

    *by the way girls. This ties into why men hate the friendzone. Women who friendzone guys usually destroy themselves and then look for a shoulder to cry on. That’s why we don’t want to just be “friends” with you.
  • chHaynes
    Unfortunately it's true women would rather go after a guy who is completely in the asshole in every sense of the word I know women can't help themselves but you need to go after a guy like me somebody who is not a dick somebody who will be the light in your dark corner I'm a little bit more courteous so I may not come off as exciting
  • Desconhecida
    This happens in friendships too. Thank you for writing this!
    • Elsa143

      Yes kick them out.

    • Yes, I gotta stop being so naive... 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • bamesjond0069
    Nice guys are boring and not sexually attractive. The more typical asshole behavior the more the sexual attraction.
    • Elsa143

      I got masculine energy so sweet and cute guys attract me more. I am agitated by assholes.

    • If you say so. Girls like you are the kind that usually end up cheating with assholes though!

    • Elsa143

      Lol aren't men also cheating with sluts on a good girl?

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  • KrakenAttackin
    This starts with 80% of women chasing the top 5% of men. These Giga-chads have huge surplus of women and as such they can abuse a plentiful resource.

    Women think they are so special that they can hold onto Chad, when in fact 75%+ never will.

    Self delusion creates ripples across one's life.
    • msc545

      I thought it was 20% of men but no matter, point taken. Well said.

  • pigoat
    There is a GaG user here who says if her man cheat on her bye

    But most women don't go about loves this way

    I wonder why
  • YHL6965
    I would say the real key to "wake these women up" is to make them realize that they are worth something. Many girls who stick by toxic men are insecure and, deep inside, believe that they will never be able to get a man other than this toxic guy, and the toxic guy usually uses that as a manipulation tool too. In my opinion, to effectively let go of guys like that, these women need to learn their worth, that they deserve respect and love. You'll have a hard time getting love and respect if you don't love and respect yourself first.
  • iFarted
    But they swear they can change the guy or but he's sooo hot.
    Check this out @LeoPride93
    • Elsa143

      It's private acc

    • No i meant she should see your my take. She is having issues rn too.

    • Elsa143

      Oh she's a kind and rare Leo. I'm also a Leo with Moon and Venus in house of Aries but I only tolerated this for once but only for 15 days.

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  • Agree 100%, though easier said than done
  • Anonymous
    Women that do this have issues. You can’t solve their problems. Who cares?
    • Elsa143

      Just now saw story about a whore who was worried that she's getting married late and her husband will leave her if she didn't conceive. But she got pregnant 2 times and neglected her mother for 10 years after she got married. That selfish bitch will only call her old mother when she needed advice for marriage and kids. She was even mean to her mother when mom asked to meet. After 10 years that prostitute and a man's slave got time for her own mother. By that time her mother was already dead. I hope that Whore's husband divorce her and her kids leave her alone.

    • Elsa143

      That whore told her mom that I'm afraid to be lonely and there is nothing worse than being lonely. When that whore got lucky she left her own mom in the darkness and isolation.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. Some people have issues. That isn’t your problem. Some people are fake and hypocrites. That ain’t your problem either. Forget others. I spent a lot of my life trying to make sure everyone else was ok but I realised I did that because of my mother trying to make me codependent like her. People have to face their own issues. If they lack courage it’s what they lack. Nothing to do with you

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