Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?


Hi, My name is Katie and being attractive always feeling like a curse .

1: Always get tons likes from unwanted men

I did start noticed that the unwanted men just like me and did sometime sent I message what I didn't even went at all .

Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?

2 Crazy guys

these guys always find way to feel one way other another to trying to get into a woman too fast and when a woman knew if guy too fast saying I love you on first time message on dating .just seem like just wan to hookup or just has short term relationship . this how you going to turn off most of the women .

Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?

3: Men that saw blonde chick and assume she just after sex or a slut

just because a woman is blonde it doesn't mean she only after sex or hookup .these guys are dumb user on the plant of earth and not tell the different from the good women to a Sex worker .Sex worker one that you paid for having sex . being slut just mean sex as many men as possible and get lots of STDs. not intellective to have a eduction or have a job .

4: Thinking is so easy for you to get a date and have a relationship .

It could be easy to have a toxic relationship or get with a player and also been cheated on more than once . we can find relationship very easy if women is attractive . this must be stupid shit . it is not easy for attractiv3 women to find a good relationship but can find a bad relationship very easy . this saying doesn't help at all and no one wonder the way women give up with men when they're trying to find a decent and not an idiot .

5: men that just acted dumb to get attention from women they could have like

It ok for men to be dumb to just get attention from a woman they like or get into a relationship and starter to get more dumb . these guys are an idiot, and they do really understand women at all . like to hang out with women friend and doesn't care about his partner feeling. also like to smoke or vape and drink alcohol . do dumb things on YouTube or TikTok.

Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?

6: men assume that women without any female friend is deal break and also red flag .

just because a woman doesn't have any female it doesn't mean they're going to cheat on you with their guy friends . some women tried to be friends with women, but they see us as a threat and can't keep friends for long term . I grow up more with men as my friends because I want to a learning disability special school there were more men there, and I didn't have many female friends . I would prefer to play the men there .

will be part 1 and will enough now .see ya soon from Katie

VR Headset Oculus Quest 2
VR Headset Oculus Quest 2

here is the pic of me

Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?

IN the USA in 2018 Orlando & Florida

Why do I feel like my attractiveness is a curse to find a decent relationship?
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  • Meldrum
    Yes, you're pretty, cute. That said, older men come on to you because they like younger looking girls. Now, as for me, I'm 75 so I'm not prone to such disgusting provocations. (by the way, my number is...) LOL!
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  • dmgstarfleet
    Well to begin with you frankly aren't hot. You are not FAT (which is repulsive on people) but your looks are average at best. You DO possess a vagina which will attract men but just because they'll "do" you doesn't mean you rank as "hot". Your whole post sounds narcissistic
    • CoolKatie

      I am not fat. That just my stomach Very thin and skinny. Nothing fat part from big ass

  • virtue2332
    Look cool Katie im going to be straight with you because I think its important. It could be a language barrier but from what I've read soo far is you have to tone down all the negative comments. You seem to be complaining a lot and your rather good at playing the victim. The only problem is victims attract predatory personality types. I'm not saying this is all your fault since I haven't walked in your shoes. I'm sure your interactions with a few guys pushed you down that path but if you to attract quality guys you need to put all that behind you. Change that don't even waste your time thinking about them. Most definitely don't let them change the happiness that's in there somewhere. That needs to shine through above all else. Because a quality guy is going to find that more attractive than what you are projecting right now. A quality guy has plenty of attractive women to choose from so he is going to move past that and look at other qualities as well and attitude is at the top of that list.
    • CoolKatie

      I am not a victim, and secondly I made a joke and you not even being straight at all and being already did approach guy, and they reject and sending message first, and I tried every single to attract good people, but I can't see I am curse with it. I already know about language barrier, and yet I have learning disabilities doesn't make easy to find good people just make ten times harder. Likewise, I blame on my high school when I went. women there always tear me down and yep this one woman stuff who was my English always talk down me and always made got in trouble while I wasn't to do anything wrong about it.

    • virtue2332

      Like I said its not your fault but in order to succeed you can't let the actions of others change you. Its obviously not easy to do but you have to put it behind you because you can't change the past. You certainly don't want to carry it around with you it robbed you of your joy then. Why let it keep robbing you. Put it behind you and count all your blessings and surround yourself with positive people. You will attract better guys the more positive and happy you are. There are no such things as curses. We only curse ourselves by letting negative influences influence us and how we respond to our environment. We all go through a certain amt. of people that aren't right for us. You can look at it one of two ways. A. You thinking its a curse and getting down thinking you won't ever find anyone. Upset at your luck with life. Or B. Get excited because all of that is behind you. You have done all the hard work and weeded through the things that don't work for you and your life. That means that you are that much closer to that perfect guy and happy life. Which path sounds more enjoyable? I'm not trying to come down on you I'm just offering advice based on whats presented in front of me. I'm going to continue on my path and do my best to offer advice based on the data infront of me honestly. Life is not easy but its much more enjoyable than most people make it. I wish you the best of luck. You are worth it and deserve it so don't give up and never settle. Always find and use the things that work and get rid of the things that do not. If its not bringing you the happiness you deserve get rid of it

    • virtue2332

      I know you also mentioned you have a learning disability and that people picked on you and thats not fair. I'm sure I don't have to tell you about the number of special people that have done tremendous things after being thought of having a disability. Einstein was just one that comes to mind. All you can do is be the very best you and someone out there is waiting for you to find them.

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  • Bella9191
    I am a natural brunette. I have dyed my hair a few times in the past blonde.
    and omg I totally get the blonde thing. Men would actually come up to me in the street or a shop and ask me out. But when my hair is brown no one does this!
    So I totally get the whole blonde thing!
  • AzzaBlue
    I'll ask you a simple question that will hopefully put things in perspective for you. Would you rather be an attractive young girl or a short man who has a rare immune disorder (which makes it harder to meet people esp durind covid) and has to shit in a colostomy bag? All of a sudden, your life is not so bad is it? Look a lot of people have it worse than you and a lot of people have it worse than I. What ever hand that life has dealt you, it is up to you to make the most of it. Whining and playing the victim solves nothing.
    • CoolKatie

      I already fucking short too. why does height matter. I would date a short man he doesn't any idiots or not smart. I would prefer to date a virgin man. all my ex boyfriend were all shorter then me.

    • CoolKatie

      this not playing the fucking virticim is a joke idoit

    • AzzaBlue

      Jesus, settle down. You clearly missed the point of what I was saying. As for being short, you're right it should not matter, but for a lot of women it does.
      In your emotional response to my comment you used profanity and called me an idiot even though all I was doing was offering some tough advice. Yeah you clearly don't have a victim mentality at all.

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  • Mishan97
    Honestly most men would not think you’re super hot or sexy, they’d probably just find you cute which I think is why you might get so many unwanted advances; you seem more approachable than someone who is uber hot and sexy. But the rest of it is just bad luck and meeting the wrong kind of guys. Hope u have better luck down the road
    • CoolKatie

      I get compliment by guys at my job and also get like 50 likes or 100 likes when I tried online dating apps and websites. I am always honest to no matter who I like or dislike

    • Mishan97

      It’s good that ur honest! Best of luck with ur dating life

  • chHaynes
    Not sound rude but I guess you do got it pretty bad on the whole bad luck with relationship what not but I got just as bad I'm definitely always knew and yet I still have bad luck haven't had a date since high school just found out a couple years ago how much women are whores
    • CoolKatie

      I already curse my own luck with relationship and friendship. That I don't even bother going out anymore since I already Very much broken down to pieces. I can't even get a women as friends since they always seen to as threat. I never has sex.

    • chHaynes

      You're probably still pretty young to wear you have some more developing to do but if you're really concerned I would go to the doctor and just kind of asked them about your concerns about how your developing I wish I were done that same thing and now it may be too late

    • CoolKatie

      I can't go doctor because of convid19. Instead went to nurse. She did check my weight and height and yep I am. more less on skinny and Pettie.

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  • Jjpayne
    Thank you! This was a pretty fun mytake although I'm a little disappointed at the lack of response 😔 I guess questions it is...
  • AiriTakaichi
    well people aren’t really into girls who always complain about everything, not even in a friend way.
    maybe it’s your personality and not face that’s the issue, try evaluating that part and maybe you’ll find some answers.
    in all honesty, perverted men are pervs to any girl on social media, if it has a kitty, it’s good enough to them.
    if you want someone who likes you for personality and not face, try now since it’s coronavirus and everyone wears a mask meaning that you don’t really know how they look.
    or try setting up a dating profile and don’t post pics on it, only send pics once the guy you’re talking to has fallen for your personality and don’t go for guys who make sexual references in the first few minutes of talking.
    those ones are the sleazy guys.
    • CoolKatie

      this just my online self. you should know the different from real and fake. why do any single user comment about complain every single thing. in real, I just very shy and sometime talk very friendly to the waiter. i do not understand about the personality and also has a learning disabilities.

  • thimmslicc
    I deal with the same damn things. I hate it. Unwanted convos with men I don't ask for. I didn't even make eye contact.
  • hahahmm
    Either you are meeting the wrong men OR you have the wrong personality to keep the right men.
  • ohshee
    Cool Katie. How are you well in so many ways your right. And that's because this is what you have experienced. But not all guys are the same I will be honest a lot of things you said are even true about me to a point tho. I take it there sometimes but there is a respect for self and others where I don't cross that line and the col thing about you is you try you never give up and one day you will hat your looking for. And thsts the thing everyone on here is looking for something and we are all experiencing new and different things
    • CoolKatie

      I did for a joke and hurmor. It shouldn't be taken too serious. I did because I want to. I still haven't been lucky yet. been trying VR and still in lockdown

  • Nalix
    A few things to consider.

    Most guys who approach you aren't interested in you in particular, they approach almost all women. They are approaching you because in ten minutes they will be approaching the next woman.

    Not having a lot of women as friends is a plus, but you need to do the approaching. Most men will wait for the right time (never happens) or will approach you and then chicken out. These days especially, women need to approach men in our current environment.

    Look for men based on what they are doing. Activities that you both enjoy will lead you to find the kind of men you want to find. This can work a bit in dating sites, but don't look for men in places that the men you would like to meet would avoid.

    Know yourself, know what kind of man you are looking for, know what kind of defects you are willing to let slide and what you are not, and be aware of what you bring to a relationship as well, both good and bad.
    • CoolKatie

      Things is that I have tried approach men when in college and high school one guys did rejected me and other guys did wants to have a relationship but he ended up with cheating on me. Cheater are deal breaker. I would prefer honest and commutation can be paitce with my trust issues and learn from eachother and grow. I will apapproach if guys is too shy and will would prefer shy guys over very loud mouth guys.

  • Harris_2021
    respect people man kid or women, dont't go try and do the bad action --
    • CoolKatie

      I didn't even do any bad kind of action. This just my experience with some men.

    • im just speaking in general, I cannot stand when women and female culture gets treated lesser than human

    • I dont mean to insult anyone

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  • art84
    You look like Jeanette Mccarthy, you're are cute.
  • collie22
    Do you make guys nervous
    • CoolKatie

      I tried not make them nervous don't have any woman friend they see me as threat. you can PM with me if you want. I tried to be friendly with guys more since we just likes the same thing

  • MrCreep
    Okay cool kate