Dogs are overrated in 'most' cases : Waste of time and money!


Why are people so obsessed with selfish animals? Be it expensive retrievers?

'Unconditional love' from dogs is a very misleading concept, only fools believe.

You give it food, shelter, toys, entertainment, time and energy so obviously it will give you some attention in return. That's it!

I'm writing this from my personal experience and several real life observations.

No matter how much you care, pamper or feed them it doesn't matter because 70% dogs by nature are selfish!

Dogs are overrated in most cases : Waste of time and money!
  • Dogs weren't meant to add extra burden and bills to our lives, they were bred to give companionship, love and obedience.
  • Ironically, humans are working like dogs to waste their time and money on a dog who shows you his butt once he get his agendas and belly full!

Only emotional, loving and loyal animals deserve our heavy dollars, time, home and food.

Just because it's an animal, doesn't mean you should love it unconditionally at the cost of your own wellbeing!

Dogs are overrated in most cases : Waste of time and money!

I judge animals by their nature. I have zero tolerance for solely selfish species!

  • I know there are a few great dogs who reciprocate your love, give you company and follow you.
  • It's okay if he's not smart or unable to do tricks, but he should love his humans.
  • Getting a dog is like playing at casino.
    You put so much money and energy, 80% chances are to get a draining and useless type and 20% chances are you actually SCORE A TRUE BEST FRIEND.

I won't FAKE praise!
My dog is very selfish, indifferent, only wants affections at his own terms, will ignore us.
We pamper him, play with him, never caged or abused him, took care of him, still he behaves like a SELFISH HUMAN.

What's the point of getting a dog if he's just like a selfish and manipulative person?

It's like having animal version of gold digger. It only follows and licks you when it's hungry!! Rest of the time, you're just invisible.

  • There has to be something special like love, affection, companionship and loyalty.
  • That's why we invest so much on dogs! Otherwise it's burning your money on fire.

It's unfair that we give 95% and only get 5% in return. There has to be a balance.

  • Don't get a dog if you : Live alone! You will have to give up your freedom, energy and life to raise him properly.
  • All this grinding just for the sake of some attention from a pet?
    If you want love, companionship or friendship then have a hobby, make new friends, do your favorite things and love yourself!

Getting a dog for these reason is utterly disappointing and futile.

It will only add more burden physically, mentally and financially.

No need to make your life a mess just to get that 5% in return. Period.

Also, real love can't be bought!

In case you doubt my personal observations, here is the new research.

Your dog may be manipulating you to get what it wants!! They figure out it quickly!

I used to be a dog lover, but not anymore after spending plenty of time with them.

Dogs are overrated in 'most' cases : Waste of time and money!
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