Why does my girlfriend act like this?

I have this problem with my girlfriend almost every month; we have a blast going out together, laughing, joking, etc, Recently when I didn't bring her dinner on one occasion when I came to visit because I wanted to go out to eat instead. (Most of the time I either bring dinner, or ask her to go eat). When I got there she was like, you didn't bring me anything to eat? I asked her, lets go out to eat instead, but then she goes into this silent mode; tell me we should break up, tell me you don't care for me, or love me. I tried to talk to her, but she doesn't say anything, and then she tells me, go home. I tried to ask her what's exactly wrong. She tells me, I don't feel like you love me, and I do not feel like you are as nice anymore. I asked her what did I do to make you feel this way, and she just goes she doesn't know and she just does. I tried all night to try to talk to her but she doesn't say anything. Then she tells me to go home, I did not want to, but she said it three more times. So I left and I stayed in my car. I live about an hour away from her, and I work an hour away in another direction. I visit every other day sometimes more when I can and stay over on weekends (she never visits me unless I ask). I slept in my car because I was already tired and I had work. I texted her the next day, but she didn't respond, and today I text her good morning (I text her good morning everyday). And she goes, why you text now I don't understand you? Supposedly she did not get my text before. Then she finally goes, I guess it was meant to end, and when I tell you that you don't love me or not nice to me, I am waiting for you to show me otherwise but you get offended. I tried to explain to her and she goes, What's the point of telling me, you always do it too late when I am tired Then of couse I could not help but ask her, so I have not done anything to show you that I love you or care about? She was then like, Forget it, You just don't know when to stop your questions and know What the important things I want She is first on my list, even when she left me waiting at her place while she was partying somewhere and did not call me and I could not reach her until 3am to tell me she isn't coming home, I was not even mad and I trusted her, even though she knew I was going to be there waiting. Valentines day I took a day to make dinner and decorate and surprise her. I know sometimes I am sarcastic and she doesn't like it, it slips sometimes and I do apologize but ends up the same way. When she is upset, nothing else matters even when I am dying sick coughing my blood out my lungs. I don't cheat, lie, stay out late, always call (if I don't call same problem). She rips up my cards, my things, and tells me to tape it back when she is happy. I don't want to make her sound crazy, but she does things. I lost a few friends because they think I am hurting her. She say she loves me, but always try to break up with me, what can I do, this is getting to me, it happens too often.
Why does my girlfriend act like this?
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