Girls, do you use Tinder to actually communicate, or do you just like the attention from guys?

Recently (just about a week ago) installed the Tinder app. I'll list my experiences thus far:

1. Girl swiped right on me. We got to talking for a couple of days. When I mentioned the idea of meeting up, she dodged the question jokingly. It was at this point that I just gave up and stopped talking to her. Also note that talking to her was like pulling teeth because she took forever to respond to me.
2. Girl swiped right on me last night. Had a convo with her. Once again, responses were short and took a while. It amounted to me having to do all the work talking. Eventually just gave up out of frustration.
3. The rest. Girls seldomly swipe right on me as it would seem so far, but even when they do, they either never respond or just stop communicating.

Girls, do you have a Tinder (or comparable dating app)? If so, if you swipe right, do you do so with the intentions of actually communicating? Do you just like the attention from men? Please keep in mind that I do not suggest anything sexual, or talk in a manner that is creepy or inappropriate with them. In fact, I am quite polite and act interested in what is happening in their lives.

If not, why would you swipe right (an indicationg of possible interest) in the first place? My friend uses this app and he gets dates all the time. Also, I do not think I'm God's gift to women, but I also know I am not ugly.

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Thanks for the opinions ladies. I appreciate. I guess I can give it another go. Maybe, I should try just asking girls what they use it for or what their intentions are.
Another note: A lot of girls use Tinder to hook up as well. My friend is CONSTANTLY having different girls come over to his place. I won't lie. I am not currently looking for something long term. Be that as it may, the girls do not know what my intentions are. Mainly because they WON'T TALK TO ME lol.
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I will also say that I don't care who thinks this sounds judgmental:
Anyone who resorts to online dating apps like tinder because they need attention, likely already gets that in real life. I get attention from girls 0% of the time, but you don't see me leading girls on for my personal gain.
I think this is immature, and kind of insulting.
Girls, do you use Tinder to actually communicate, or do you just like the attention from guys?
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