Is it true that when you dream of someone they are thinking about you?

The reason I ask this is because I went to bed last night and the whole day I didn't even think of my crush. Not once. Actually I developed a new crush on a celebrity. Besides the point, I dreamt of my crush. Not my new celebrity crush. My actual crush and I wasn't even thinking about him? I last saw him about a week ago and it's strange how I just randomly dream about him when I wasn't even thinking about him. I couldn't dreamt about him when he was contantly on my mind but I didn't. I dreamt of him when I wasn't thinking of him.
The dream
In the dream we was at a new residential place and we got allocated to our rooms by some guy. They where little houses. Different coloured houses. We then got given our groups and instructor. We then went to activities and he was there with another group. After activities he was in the pool and he said to me. Jump in. It warm. So I put my iPhone down and jumped in. We joked around in the pool like both going underwater and putting our thumbs out at eachother and laughing. Then the dream skipped ahead. I was on his shoulders and he was giving me a piggy back. I said to him. Walk over to my teachers. I want to speak to them. So we did. And my teacher kinda looked pissed. He was eating with other teachers and instructors and I said hello *insert his name* and he just said hi back and looked really fucking annoyed so my crush just walked away with him on his shoulders. The dream then skipped ahead to us in a chill area and they was a knock at the chill area door. So I answered it and the guy was like YOU! And pointed at my crush and he said to him. You're a professional man. You shouldn't be flirting with her. I pushed the guy to the other side of the wall like gently walking while pushing him to the wall and i said "good sir. We aren't flirting what so ever!" I said it in a nice way. He stood back up and just looked at my crush really pissed off and said "no more. Enough is enough. You can't see this girl again" he guy was like
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Fat and old. I just found it strange how I didn't dream of him when I wanted to. does this mean he was thinking about me? Dreaming about me?
Is it true that when you dream of someone they are thinking about you?
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