Theoritcally, is texting a new girl two days in a row clingy?


So there is this girl at college, she's really hot and has been eyeing me, checking me out and holding eye contact and even smiling at me sometimes for few months now, i found her on fb and added her, i said hi whats up, and went from there, exchanged some info with her, joked around, she responded quickly and the messaging seemed pretty balanced (meaning she sent as many messages as me and used lol a lot) , i even told her iam gonna leave her to study cause she has exams and she said that its cool and she's not studying atm, so we kept messaging but an hour later i had to excuse myself out of the chat and told her i will see her around to which she replied "sure sounds good" with a smiling face.

I dk if i should message her another time cause two days in a row sounds too much for someone i haven't even met in person yet...

and my other question : i have no idea if she likes me or not or even wants to meet me and text me, but do you think from the sounds of it like she is attracted to me (even if just a little bit?)

P. S:i texted many girls before, dated, went on dates, and had to deal with many girls that lied to me, so excuse my question if it sounds too weird.
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Theoritcally, is texting a new girl two days in a row clingy?
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