Why are SOME middle-aged/old women so rude and entitled and think the world owes them something?

I am so utterly pissed right now. I've received so much rudeness and obnoxious behaviour from women in their fifties who behave like teenage girls. This fiftyish woman on the public transport today decided to shove me three times because i was apparently in her way, even though i was standing as close to the corner as possible and other people seemed to have no issue getting past me with ease. I was standing by the door, it was relatively crowded and not many places to hold onto, and this woman goes behind me and pushes me three times. I did not realize she was pushing me at first, but then when she got off she gave me some attitude and i finally realized she did it intentionally. I can't stand these types of individuals. I know i am not supposed to block doors woman, but during rush hours, would you prefer it if i sat in your lap? or perhaps would you prefer to have my ass in your face?

Some of these older women grunt, huff, roll their eyes, eye young women up and down, shake their heads, and act like they were nuns when they were my age. apparently, it is scandalous to wear skinny jeans and leather boots. i wonder what they wore in their 20s?

i have nothing against them personally. i know many middle-aged women and older ladies, and some of them are very dear to me and i love them very much (my mama, grandma, profs). but i can't stand rudeness and obnoxiousness. i don't care how old you are. just because you are fifty, you do not deserve more respect when you treat others like shit. just because you are old, gives you no right to shove others out of your way to make room for your high and mighty ass that does not have enough space even though other people seem to have no issue getting by. all she had to do was open her mouth (i'm sure she knows how to use it), and say excuse me, my ass does not have enough room to get past you. i need to walk through you in order to get off. please disappear or make yourself invisible. that would have been much nicer.
Why are SOME middle-aged/old women so rude and entitled and think the world owes them something?
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