Girls, why do you always complain about the toilet seat?

Why do women commonly complain about men not putting the toilet seats down?

Is it that hard to check before going why should we have to touch the seat twice we need to check to see if the place down

For starters, there's this idea that unless we kept the seat down, they might fall into the toilet bowl if they're using the bathroom at night. If you're going to the bathroom at night when it's dark, turn on the light so you can see what you're doing.

Imagine if a man got up in the early morning to take a whizz and ended up sprinkling urine all over the toilet seat because he refused to turn on the light and look at what he was doing. Now imagine he went to his wife and tried to blame it on her for leaving the toilet seat down the night before. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? Well ladies, now you know how ridiculous you sound when you complain about falling into the toilet.

There's also this idea that putting the toilet seat down reduces the evil "spray" from the toilet flush, and if you leave the toilets seat down it prevents faeces or urine from getting flung all over the bathroom. And there are tons of things you touch every single day that are far dirtier and far more contaminated with bacteria than any surface in your bathroom. If bacteria were that dangerous, you would have dropped dead long ago.

The fact of the matter is, as long as you keep the bathroom reasonably clean, there is no danger of catching an infection no matter what state you leave the toilet seat!
Girls, why do you always complain about the toilet seat?
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