(ONLINE) Does my female friend like me romantically?

We're both females -- not sure if that matters. She's bi (?)

We were close (online) friends 6 years ago and hung out a lot. I was conflicted about my feelings for her but she began dating a guy and I felt like I was tossed aside. I didn't want to deal with that so I just dropped her from my life and walked away.

A few years later, she reaches out to me and tells me she cared for me more than she did for the guy she was dating when I ended the friendship and she's told me a few times since that losing me was one of her biggest regrets these past few years.

I really didn't want to deal with her as I knew our history and the drama it created. But I still messaged her occasionally though I kept my distance. COVID-19 happened and I wasn't as busy with school so I was bored and started talking to her more and once school was over I spent more and more time with her to which we eventually started voice chatting every day. It's been about 2 months now that we've talked nearly everyday from the time she got home from work (or me from school) until we both had to go to bed. She always compliments me and we always both have a difficult time hanging up at the end of our calls.

She has mentioned to me that she doesn't like to be lonely so I'm not sure if she's just clinging to me because she's currently single (I also just got out of a relationship not too long ago) and doesn't want to be lonely or she just enjoys me as a really good friend, or if she's thinking something more. There's just mixed signals. She mentioned while she had wine that she had a thing for me back then and that she was dating a girl next. Unsure if she was joking.

TL;DR friend from a long time ago, stopped being friends when she got a new boyfriend, started texting occasionally a few years ago, this year began talking more, and past 2 months voice call nearly every day for many hours. She has said she doesn't like being lonely so I'm unsure if she likes me or just like the attention I give her.
(ONLINE) Does my female friend like me romantically?
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