Why do women hate prudish men so much?

by default it seems like women find perverted men very repulsing. whenever they encounter these men who speak about sex related things in a freely manner they tend to get creeped out and immediately see these type of men as a threat.

you would think that they would see prudish men from a better angle, however this doesn't seem to be the case. it seems like whenever a guy sounds prudish such as...

- being oversensitive to nudity
- not finding an specific body part of the female attractive
- saying no to some acts of sex
- fearing to talk about sex topic in broad daylight

and many other things women will have total breakdown. they then start scolding these men as considering them lame, virgin losers, etc. and the "are you gay?" questions start to put up in marathon broken record mode.

so I was just wondering why are women this hard to please? why is sex such a black and white
thing for women?
Why do women hate prudish men so much?
Why do women hate prudish men so much?
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