Would you say my girlfriend is a girly girl or a tomboy?

So physical appearance first I guess... my girlfriend looks and dresses 100% feminine. She has very long hair that goes all the way down to her butt, though she usually keeps it tied in a very long, pretty ponytail. Her skin is clear, perfect, and soft as fuck. She says she uses lotion every day to keep it soft. She wears almost nothing but short shorts daily. By "short shorts", I mean shorts of like a 2 inch inseam... like this.
Would you say my girlfriend is a girly girl or a tomboy?
She also wears short skirts and short dresses, about mid-thigh in length, but usually the shorts are her go-to for daily use.

However... she wears zero makeup. She doesn't even paint her nails, because she's always doing stuff and the nail polish would just come off. She also doesn't even have her ears pierced, because "earrings would be distracting for her."

She's very active, athletic, fit/toned/muscular, and could probably kick my ass in a fight. She's extremely fast and can run for miles. She's also an excellent swimmer. She loves pools, beaches, and water parks more than anything, and always wears a hot bikini too. She also likes sports and video games.

When someone is bothering me or her, she never hesitates to get physical, and already makes a "don't fuck with me" fighting stance.

She's very kind, sweet, and gentle... but she's also very hot headed, and can be stubborn. And a few times she has gotten a bit too angry, and yelled at me, and I started to cry. But she immediately regretted it, came to hug me, and said, "I'm so sorry baby! I didn't mean it! I just got a little carried away!"

She's very outgoing and friendly, affectionate, gives almost everyone the best hugs and pecks on the cheek, and everyone likes her, but everyone also knows not to mess with her when she's mad.

Also... she's 5'7, if this matters at all. And she looks cute/welcoming, but is scary when mad.
A girly girl.
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A tomboy.
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Exactly both 50/50.
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Would you say my girlfriend is a girly girl or a tomboy?
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