Women that still love men, why don’t we burn down the bandwagon?

Hello, ladies.
I come to you with hopes there are still enough women left to make a difference. Here’s a hard truth, a bitter pill to swallow. Men don’t want to marry us anymore. They’ve given up. They don’t think women are capable of loving them like they used to. It’s sad, it’s scary, it’s wrong. What is wrong with women now? Glad you asked.

Women have always been sweet, thoughtful, nurturing, charming and manicured. Those qualities are what men fall in love with. We used to clean and cook so that our husbands had a sanctuary he could come home to. We used to dress in pretty garments to catch his eye, make us feel sexy and give him something worth fighting for. Isn’t that beautiful? Women make a house a home.

Feminine women are stunningly attractive to men. They are sweet, positive, and something worth cherishing.

Truth be told, women are uncomfortable by nature taking the lead. Respect is exchanged when two people fall into their roles, and their is no power struggle. I work a full time job, I cook and clean. I do my hair and makeup, my husband is always on my mind in the best ways. I always go out of my way to do sweet things for him, because I know that he appreciates it and reciprocates kind gestures.

Men will act like gentlemen when women act like ladies. Be modest in photos on social media, be humble. Don’t nag, argue, bicker, or play victim. Fill your home with love, laughter, dress up and take care of your body, make good food and have lots of sex. He will never stray. He will treasure you, women that love them selflessly are treasures they will hold dear for the rest of their lives.

Men just want to love you. Let one man do that. And show him how sweet you really are. ♥️

Ps: to the men, there are still ladies that want to love you. No one wants to grow old without experiencing that love you get once in a lifetime. We may be few in numbers, but no treasure is ever easy to find.

And to my husband, I will love you until my dying breath. ♥️
Women that still love men, why don’t we burn down the bandwagon?
Women that still love men, why don’t we burn down the bandwagon?
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