This is why I lost hope?

I know a model and she's gorgeous like every dude wants her. She's very outgoing to and interesting, like always talks about how she gets hit on and she thinks every guy wants her. which they do. I wish I was pretty like that honestly. Let's be a hundred percent honest. if those bumble guys could have a very attractive chick they would. I'd be instantly replaced. I always am :) I've deleted it. I know good of girls who have amazing personalities and who are actually pretty that every guy wants. that's why I can't find anyone. I'm always ignored and you can try and say not all men want women like this, but that's not true. they do want them they just don't think they are able to score someone like that. look on social media of guys just fawning over half naked chick's posts, videos and they have no trouble following them and liking and leaving creepy comments. My ex would do this all the time while we dated. married, taken men do this ALL the time. They have shit like this on their phone if you go through it. but I wouldn't do it for your sanity. If I ever found someone and brought him around my friends or attractive women. I'm sure he'd stare and smile and make convos with them. then they would think he wanted them. I was watching this girls live and she had on a bikini and the guys were being so pervy making gross comments. I give up on men... I don't wanna be with a man who does this shitwhy would I wanna date someone like this? they say these gross comments all the damn time, in real life and especially online It was a bikini if you are gonna blame her than you are the issue.
And im done with men. all y'all are the same.
you can say all men are different but they really aren't. same with the strip club thing, this is what I'm talking about and everyone gets mad. fucking hypocrites. this is why women don't trust men. Because this is provoking men right? they have every right to do it. since I'm not hot I'm not a man's first choice. Why am I never good enough?
This is why I lost hope?
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