What will women do if no guy on earth would date them?


Let us face it. The only thing a woman give can give to A man is a child. But in actual truth. She can't even grant him to be a father because. So what does he do? Stop dating, stop marriage, stop cohabitation. Because there is nothing that a woman can offer a man.. nit even live because if she lived him, she wouldn't take his children from him.

the laws have become so unjust that not a woman giving a man a child is even that is possible anymore in the modern age.
We are living in a time where Men cannot be Parents without him being with a woman. Or him being in the LGBT community. Other than it is almost impossible.
What if men stopped dating, marriage or cohabitation all together. Because all he wants is to be a father or Parent. And that is the only reason why he dated a women in the first place.
Some states in America do allow adoption for single men (most don't)
Some states do allow single men to foster care system (most don't)
Some states do allow men to adopt via the Foster care system but most American states don't.
So what can a woman offer other than a child. She doesn't even grant him Parenthood
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What will women do if no guy on earth would date them?
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