I'm a psycho jealous girlfriend. Any tips?

So I'm in this relationship but I'm extremely jealous and over-protective Literally psycho. I'm constantly worrying about any female that exists in my boyfriend's life. I hate all of his female friends and any girl that talks to him. His friends are always kinda flirty and a little too close with him in my opinion, they're always telling him that they love him and stuff (I don't like that, nobody thinks there's anything wrong with it but I do) I'm always wondering if he's ever checking out any other girls whenever I'm not around or when I'm around. I constantly check movies that he watches to see if there is any female nudity in any of them and I die on the inside when there is. And p*rn is like my weakness. My boyfriend says he doesn't watch it and I really hope he doesn't.

I just have extreme trust issues and I'm super insecure. he's getting tired of this. Please no negative comments, I just really need help :(
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I'm a psycho jealous girlfriend. Any tips?
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