Did she leave because of me? Dis she quit the gym because of me?

I’m a coach at a gym. There was a new girl in my class. I began liking her. She didn’t know I existed & didn’t seem interested in me. She didn't speak & is impossible to read. There’s another girl that I know likes me b/c she’s been flirting with me for months. During class I flirt with the girl who I know likes me to see what the new girl does. Every time I go to her the new girl ignores me, avoids eye contact with me, gets pissed off & leaves class. After that, things are awkward & she ignores me even harder than she did before. I try to be near her for months but she just keeps ignoring me. My sister, another coach keeps an eye on her to see if she shows any feelings for me but nothing. No reaction. After 3 mo of this, the girl I know likes me comes to class again. I know it upsets the new girl because she completely disengages with me again & doesn’t make eye contact with me. This time I ignore the other girl who I’ve maintained a flirtatious relationship with behind the new girl’s back. She gets the hint & stays quiet. The new girl leaves, doesn’t speak to me & stops taking my classes completely. I’m upset but I still try to be around her. She keeps ignoring me. Finally I give up. After a few months she comes back to my class & at this point I’ve had enough. The other girl mimics the new girl's clothes & hairstyle so I sneak up to the showers with her in front of the new girl. If she wants to get over me, I can get over her too. During the time that the new girl goes to the gym, I make it a point to let her see me & the other girl together, working out, having fun. She keeps ignoring me until one day she randomly asks me to help her pick out some lifting shoes. The next week she pulls me outside the gym & gives me a candy bar and says it’s a thank you for the help. I don’t understand her & I’m still upset so I keep showing off my relationship with the other girl. Now, she tenses up every time she sees me. 1 day she silently cancels her membership.
Did she leave because of me? Dis she quit the gym because of me?
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