How come woman sexualise theirself then blame men for sexualising them?

This is mainly a question for guys, if you're a girl it might piss you off, I suggest leaving,
So... I've noticed a lot of posts from girls lately about "men having toxicly high beauty standards"As if to say we only date beautiful 10/10 girls... I know that's not true but, I think the reason Men mostly date beautiful girls... Is because 90% of Girls are beautiful.. y'all make yourself beautiful, Think about it.. every girl wants to be beautiful soYa put on all that makeup and shit and do butt workouts to get guys attention... Then when you do... You say we have "toxic beauty standards"And "sexualise woman"I think you sexualise yourself by wearing short shortsIn the mall with you're toned butt and tight leggings. If you want to stop guys "sexualising you" maybe youShould stop sexualising yourself... Stop wearing skimpy clothes and shorts... What did you think was gonna happen? You think we would all be flaccid and wouldn't notice? It's natureMaybe make yourselves less appealing so there's less beautiful girls then there wouldn't be a bar set would there?
Because they're bored and wanna cause a fuss about something
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The girls writing this are ugly and frustrated no guys dated them
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We actually do have high standards
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4 mo
Also if you are a girl reading. This ain't about you specificly, maybe you don't do that. But it's about girls in general don't be mad
4 mo
Maybe the person you're really mad at is your own gender for setting the bar so high
How come woman sexualise theirself then blame men for sexualising them?
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