Is it okay to talk and/or complain about exes with a friends with benefits?

There is one girl I have been friends with for the last 3 years. We hooked up the first time we met when I was visiting a different state (all her idea she invited me over and initiated). But it was quite obvious for multiple reasons we wouldn’t get into a relationship. I was just visiting.

However we stayed in touch over the years. I saw her several more times and we hooked up again but that time it was more my idea. She said she wasn’t in love and didn’t really want to have sex. But she also said she wanted to please me as in doing a big favor for a friend. It was very selfless of her and flat out told her I recognized and appreciated that. I didn’t push it again the next time we hung out.

Anyway I once brought up how I had a very hard time getting over one particular ex in a conversation. Since we were just friends with benefits I thought it was safe to say that. She was supportive but I noticed a change in her after that. She is still really cool but she wasn’t as excited to see me as she once was.

If the roles were reversed and she brought up how heartbroken she was over an ex (but we were still friends with benefits) it wouldn’t bother me. Different story if was trying to date her but not friends with benefits.
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Yeah I only did this once. Won’t ever bring it up to her again. But this was after I had gotten to know her real well and I took her out to dinner. I thought the friends with benefits meant I could open up about things I would never say to a girlfriend.
Is it okay to talk and/or complain about exes with a friends with benefits?
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