What amount of women are picky and shallow? How can an average-ish guy succeed?


Hey y’all new here and just need to hear the truth and figure out what to do about it. It’s my second year of college, I’m rooming with another guy and two girls. The girls are nice and pretty good friends but the way they talk about/choose guys worries me.

One of them dates a baseball player and he’s kinda an asshole and doesn’t do much for her. She even pays for a lot of his drinks and food. We all act like we don’t know why she stays with him, but I’m pretty confident it’s because he’s tall and handsome. She could be treated so much better but doesn’t seem to care.

The other girl spent the last year getting her heart broken by frat guys and baseball players who would make out with her and then leave when they realized she didn’t want to put out. Seems to completely ignore well intentioned guys. And when she talks to us about guys, she nitpicks them to death. “His eyelashes looked weird” “he was wearing his hat funny,” etc. She even cringes at shorter guys.
If me or my roommate mention we met a new guy she asks if he’s cute. Not like if he’s a cool guy or anything. Says she won’t settle on anything, she just has high standards. Of course she also wants a guy to treat her like a princess and always be a gentleman. So she wonders why “all men are dogs” and acts like there’s no good men out there.

This worries me a lot. I figured by this point girls would be over that. I’m an average/slightly above average looking guy and would be very kind and a good boyfriend, but it seems like most girls would rather have their feelings hurt by tall handsome men than give a guy who’s 5’11 and more normal looking a second glance.

I guess it might be relevant to mention both of these girls are very pretty sorority girls which I think might affect their judgement, because they have a lot of options and guys go for them. Sadly seems like it makes them entitled and shallow. It sucks that how you look matters so much in ways like this.

Anyway, thoughts? What should I do? Thanks

What amount of women are picky and shallow? How can an average-ish guy succeed?
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