She’s cold over text, but hot, receptive, engaging in person?


Hello, so I’ve been going out with this girl for the past 3 months, I’ve been seeing her about twice a month. We’re both super busy. Anyways, this last time we hung out, she invited me to her place, we drank then she took me out for dinner and payed for everything, she did not let me pay, I tried to but she just wouldn’t let me, so I told her I got it next time. After dinner, we went back to her place and relaxed, and I noticed she was starting to become very comfortable/open with me, which was nice to see, she kinda always had a wall up.

I told her I had to leave cause I was exhausted, it was 1am, she walked me to my car and I made a move and started kissing her, and she passionately kissed back. This was our first physical touch, we’ve never even hugged before this lmao.

anyways, whenever we hangout, she’s engaging, receptive, warm, it’s never a dull moment, but then when it comes to texting, she’s super dry, I always have to initiate text, ask her how she’s doing, etc. She never does first. I’m asking this question cause I’ve never dealt a girl like this, usually if they’re cold in person, they’re cold over text and when they’re warm/hot in person, they’re warm/hot over text. But she’s both? Maybe I’m over thinking it? Just want some other opinions on this, thanks!

She’s cold over text, but hot, receptive, engaging in person?
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