How do you find out if a shy employee likes me and has a crush if I am her supervisor?


I know that this displays red flags, but I cannot help it. I got a crush on a recent hire and we are both single. I always liked her, but recently I got the impression that she could very much like me as well. She is about 8 years younger and is more an introvert/shy type. When sitting together with her she seems a bit nervous, plays with her hair (flipping and stroking it) and mirrors me in different social situations. However, I have the feeling that she also tries to avoid me even though I believe that I really act normal around her and do not give her more attention compared to others.

When I talk or say something to her, her face seems to become a bit reddish as do her eyes. She also initially avoided eye contact, but recently does initiate that a bit more than before. I also have the impression that I can see "love in her eyes", but that is difficult to explain. When sitting with her, my heart races and I get somewhat nervous as well (I am introvert too by the way).

The major issue is that I am her supervisor, so asking her out is not exactly I am eager to do without knowing a bit better whether she likes me or not. Quite the difficult situation...

The thing is, I do not get loving feelings for women that quickly, so this moment feels really special/rare to me. Also, I do not want to remain forever single, so this is a rare event for me. That's why the easy "solution" of "just try to get another women" is painful for me.

Do you think that she could be into me?

What would be the best way to find out without risking too much?

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Considering your responses to the situation. I think that you might be right to not pursue this any further. I am not willing to risk my job over a thing like this. Thank you all for giving me this valuable input.
How do you find out if a shy employee likes me and has a crush if I am her supervisor?
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