Meaning when my Female friend said "I'll do anything"?


It happens 2 days ago. I was at home doing chores as usual. My friend, Sanna texted me if I want to go to the park to hang out. She always ask to hang out with me and I sometimes say yes when I'm free but I came to the park to meet up with her.

2 hours later, (time past by quickly when I'm with her) I had to leave because I was getting tired so I told her that I was leaving. That's when she started saying "I'll do anything!"

Which I think she wanted me to stay with her for a while longer. This was her first time doing that.. weeks ago when I'm leaving she wouldn't beg me to stay but she do get sad but she accepted it.

I think I'm getting feelings for her since last week but I'm trying to hide it. I'm going to wait if I find signs that she likes me back before I tell her about my feelings. Also, she acts different around me like whenever I approach her or text her online, she'll look excited and ask me to hang with her or we'll talk all day. With other people she'll act calm.

Does anyone know what she means when she say that to me? Also, should I send more signs how she acts around me?

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Thank you all for sharing your opinions, I would like to hear more! If you are wondering how she acts around me, please stroll below! After done reading please list what you think of it.


1. When I'm online: Whenever i online she'll be the first one to message me first without hesitation and she ask if I want to hang out.
2. She typed double letters as "heyyyy" and "hiiiii"
3. She gets quiet or mad (when they left) whenever one of my female friends talk to me
Meaning when my Female friend said "I'll do anything"?
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