Why do we have to punish johns?


why do we have to punish johns? (GUY who pay girls to go out on date and have sex with them)? I mean I get why we have to punish pimps or anyone forcing girls. I get why you want punish some one taking advantage of someone who have less money or make them have pay for things with sex. I get why you want punish guy that make girls do bad unspeakable thing that no other respectful girl or women would do.

But why you have to punish guys that just want be with a women for the first time and can not find anyone to be with. why do you have to punish a guy cause the girl want money from him and he just want be with a girl and if he could be with a girl for free he would. he want give her money cause that what she want and he want to respect what she want and respect girls.

Do not punish the girls they just doing what they have to do to make a living and there life are bad and mess up all the time and they most like been abused in the past. It not right if guys rape murder girls or hit then then that bad. If guy are just sleeping with girl cause they want cheat on their wife with a younger girl or they want do bad thing girls would not do then that wrong. We should punish bad johns and bad guys.

But why do we not help guys that do not know how to chat with or get women? if we did there be know need for them to go to this kind of women. If we help those women get money in other way or just have one nice guys take care of them there be know need for then to work and do bad thing. If we help then get out of abuse and poverty drugs and the street. help then have the money for all the kids they have and help them be safe. they be ok then right?

I think so. Do not punish the good johns who just want women and can not get them.

Why do we have to punish johns?
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