Can you change a womans feelings?

I'm best friends with my ex. We hang out all the time, we tell eachother everything, we work together, we go to the cinema, bowling, pub etc. We go to eachothers House and our parents hear all about eachother. We also both find eachother physically attractive. So, what's the story?

Well the issue is, during our dating phase I had a tough time, two of my close friends passed away and my 2 best friends moved abroad. I began losing weight, I stopped playing sports and everything came crashing down. The girl I was dating didn't know what was going on, but all she seen was what she thought to be a confident, funny and charming guy turn into a weak, needy, clingy and suffocating wimp. She lost all attraction, feelings and love for me. However, she still liked me as a person and my opinion on her never changed so we became best friends instead.

She told me that she lost feelings for me and can't date me and won't say she will again or anything, because as far as she's concerned I'm still that guy she's not attracted to which I respect. Recently, I have began to turn my life around, I've got a gym membership, I'm waiting for my driving test, I'm starting to read daily and I'm getting my vibe back.

She has began dating and seeing new guys, but she has also now began treating me differently in relation to my return to form I guess. Pretty much, I was wondering if she will begin to get feelings for me again if she continues to notice my confidence and charisma returning? Or when a woman moves on will she stay that way and never look at me as more than a friend?

When I was weak she would look at me at times like a child, or embarrassing from times when I'd do childish things, however now she can't stop laughing and gets involved, she's become as childish and can't stop laughing, teasing and messing with me. She now treats me different because she sees me different as I now act different! But is there a way to make her get feelings?

Can you change a womans feelings?
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