Why some women can't seem to handle accountability?

Ever seen those posts about how "women do this..." or "women do that..." and then you see a woman post "men do it as well"?

Somehow, they can't handle the thought of them being blamed for something.

Granted, there are some women who can take responsibility for their actions without seeing a need to redirect the blame back on men.

If the said woman takes the time to self-reflect instead of redirecting the blame, maybe they would have become a more mature person.

Personal experience in real life:

- Girl A cannot take feedback from her boss and co-workers very well. Redirects the blame back on them for not doing their work properly instead, that's why she can't do her work. (Because of this, all the simps who used to simp for her stop simping after realizing how toxic she is.)

- Girl B takes feedback very well. Works hard to improve on her work and even thanks her co-workers for their hard work. (Naturally, when the guys were talking, we cited her as the number 1 girl crush because her attitude and personality are so positive)

(In case some people think it's because Girl B has better looks. Girl A is an 8/10 while Girl B is a 6/10.)

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I didn't say "ALL" women, I said "some".

I also realize some people don't know how to read and probably went straight to comment instead.
Why some women can't seem to handle accountability?
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