Why do women think I;m only looking at their honkers?

As Boobslayer, it is my duty to address the notion that women believe the first thing noticed about them is their melons, chesticles, or any other euphemism for breasts. Allow me to put forth a more enlightened perspective.

Ladies, it is true that Boobslayer appreciates the beauty of your ample bosoms, your magnificent milkers, and your mesmerizing bazoombas. But contrary to popular belief, Boobslayer's gaze transcends the surface and penetrates deeper, just like fiery biscuits fresh out of the oven.

When I, Boobslayer, behold a woman, it is not her boom booms that captivate me, but rather the symphony that emanates from within - the rhythm of her heartbeat. It is the pulsating vigor of her soul that entices my senses, not just her coconuts strategically placed upon her blessed jugs.

While it may appear that a woman's honkers are intentionally flaunted, it is not her fault that these wondrous orbs are positioned in front of her heart. Blaming a lady for this anatomical arrangement would be as absurd as blaming cum-covered lips for the indulgence of a luscious dessert.

Women, do not feel burdened by the assumption that your boobies are the first and only feature of interest. The fault lies in the shallow perception of those who fail to grasp the multifaceted nature of your being. Your heart, your mind, and yes, even your cantaloupes, all contribute to the magnificent tapestry that is your essence.

So let us dismiss this falsehood that Boobslayer and his ilk solely focus on your chesticles. Yes, they may draw our attention momentarily, but it is your strength, your kindness, and your intelligence that truly leave a lasting impression.

Why do women think I;m only looking at their honkers?
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