How long does a girl hold a grudge?


So I was really close to this girl and we texted everyday and became quite good friends (not relationship).

Anyway, to cut a long story short I had some really bad news at work (along the lines of going down like the Hindenberg type news) so I was a bit upset and when I chatted to the girl later I told her I was getting sued. She doesn't ask me anything to do about it, doesn't even acknowledge it. Well I'm slightly upset by this and a few days later after texting her and agreeing not to meet up that night (both busy) I asked her if she was free to talk and she didn't reply, so after getting some more bad news about the case, I kinda insultingly told her if she didn't want to talk that was fine but she could at least tell me I wasn't worth her time and I'd at least respect that.

Anyway, she doesn't like this text very much, I'm still angry at her, but she doesn't ask me why I'm angry so I don't tell her (she still doesn't know any of the details of my being sued).

I apologized several times over the next few days, as I was well out of line, but didn't explain why I was pissed (as she didn't ask) and offered to leave her alone for awhile if it would help. She didn't answer that question and just replied about something so I'm now pretty confused about what she wants.

I decided that I'd leave it in er court and not message her. A week later I drop her a message seeing how she was and checking we were still friends. She tells me we are but doesn't ask me anything about how I am, so I figure she wants me to leave her alone.

2 weeks after that, we still Haven't talked (and I had a disaster where I smashed up my phone and had to buy a new one so I have no-ones numbers) so I I drop her a message on Facebook, she ignores it, I drop her another one asking how she is trying to be cheerful and I didn't mention the argument at all - since apparently we're still 'friends', she again ignores it. A month has gone by since then and part of me feels maybe my friendship never mattered to her, she obviously doesn't care, maybe I misjudged her and she only ever cared about me when I was happy but didn't want the friendship when I was upset?

But then another side of me figures I have NO idea how a girls mind works - maybe she expected me to make the effort a month ago? Text her more? She still has no idea about the details of me being sued. I guess the friendship has sunk like the Titanic, but it'd be nice to know for future reference what went wrong. Any advice would be great, I still feel guilty about hurting her, I know I'd be deluding myself thinking we could be friends as we were but I don't want to F-up future friendships the same way :-(

Or I could just man-up and think "f-it, not my problem time to forget her and make new friends"
How long does a girl hold a grudge?
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