Girlfriend invites guy over to her place to watch a movie and have a sleepover?

My girlfriend of two months decided (without telling me) to invite a guy over to her place for a movie night, which involved him sleeping over on the floor. (I was not invited, and didn't ask to come.)

She is a totally honest person and told me some things about who this guy is and why she'd never do anything sexual with him, and how long she's known him etc. But still...

This whole thing made me feel angry and worried,and unable to concentrate on other things, for a couple of reasons:

1. I had to pull it out of her when I asked several times what exactly she was doing that evening. Third time it "came out" that it was one guy-friend who was coming over to her place.

2. She displayed a small level of guilt when she told me, and asked if I was "mad at her". I, true to my first reaction, said no.

3. I don't know the guy, and know very little about his intentions in this. What I do know is that the guy is single, and most likely attracted to her. (Though he knows clearly that she has a boyfriend). And she did not tell me very much by herself to make me feel better, just a tiny couple of things...

4. The reason given for him sleeping over was bad: "It's simpler that way,because it will be hard for him to get home late". Which is kind of bullsh*t, given that public transportation is always easily available here. It would just be dark. If she likes to get intimate enough to sleep in the same room as this guy then why doesn't she tell me? He likes to sleep next to her and she next to him obviously? (Not the same bed, she on the bed, he on the floor next to it).


I can't have this happen again, because it hurt me. Problem is: am I being overly sensitive and clingy, or would it be reasonable for me to demand an apology for her being unsensitive towards me, in that she didn't tell me beforehand and was secretive about it? + In that she didn't provide me with much info on this guy other than for me to conclude that he wants to f*** her?
Girlfriend invites guy over to her place to watch a movie and have a sleepover?
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