Help me: mother vs. girlfriend...I am really lost

Hi, and thank you for reading this.

Having been rejected in the past, I have finally met a girl that I am really in love with, and who really loves me. She is my first girlfriend. Anyways, I used to hear all the time growing up, how I "will meet a girl, have kids, a nice house, etc." I used to turn this down all the time. Well, now that I actually have a girlfriend, my mom seems to not want to give her a chance.

I think my mom seems to have this "ideal wife" thing stuck in her head, and seems to not accept my girlfriend because she can't cook (her mother never taught her how), or is very attached to me and comes to me for emotional support.

Yesterday, my mom and I got into a huge argument. A little background info on this:

I am a college student who grew up and (used to) live in city A. My parents are still in the same house. However, I go to school in city B, 2 hours away from city A, and practically call city B home.

My girlfriend, of 4 months, also is from city A. She moved out to city B recently. Last night, her first night, she called me up, in tears, because she hates being lonely and alone (I know this already). Currently home with my parents for mother's day, I was staying at city A. I wanted to drive out to city B to spend just the night with my girlfriend to calm her, with me driving back in the morning for Mother's Day. However, this erupted into a huge fight with my mom.

My mom told me I can go see my girlfriend, but "don't even bother with coming home on Mother's Day." So I tell my girlfriend that I can't come. My mom improves her attitude, but I am rather bothered. Later I find, my girlfriend knew that something could be up, and it was bothering her too.

My girlfriend has told me she feels that my mom doesn't like her. I confronted my mother about this, and she responds that she likes my girlfriend, but says she is too immature. My mom also said that my girlfriend is playing games with me and trying to use me. However, being honest with my girlfriend (she is good at sensing when something is up), I told her this, and says that she could and would never do that, and doesn't seem to understand why my mom doesn't like her for no reason. Having been used in the past, I know the signs of being used. My girlfriend does not display any of these.

My mother seems to play favorites with my brother's girlfriend, though she will not admit it (tries to make excuses that she sometimes gets mad at her, but I don't see it).

I just don't know what to do. I can go with my girlfriend, and really p*ss off my mom, or go with my mom, and make my girlfriend seem like she is not my #1 priority in my life. I seem to have no one to give me advice, so that is why I am asking this here.

What do I do? Is my mom right about my girlfriend being too immature, or is my girlfriend right about my mom not liking her? Anyway to satisfy both sides? Thank you again for reading this by the way, your time is greatly appreciated.
Help me: mother vs. girlfriend...I am really lost
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