Straight Guy with crush on a lesbian, am i wasting my time? Do i Stand a chance?

So i met a girl at work who i now have a crush on after a year of knowing her. She identifies herself as a lesbian but open to either sex.

I asked her out on a date back in February , week before Valentine's Day actually, because i seriously want to try have a relationship with this amazing girl and to my surprise she said Yes and we would do it the weekend just after Valentine's day and all was well for the rest of that day at least.
The following week was filled with an awkward silence, she wasn't the same around me at all, it was all just way off.
This lead to me having to confront her and try to sort out what had went wrong.
I was then given a long response which i will paraphrase here.

"When you asked me out I said yes, genuinely meaning it. I thought I could make it work as you are an incredible person and I've never gotten on with a guy so well before. It was only after that I started to get nervous, second guess myself, become shy and not know what to say to you."
"The only explanation I can think of for bolting away from you is that for so long I identified as lesbian, and then things started conflicting in my head and I got scared.

For the time being I would really appreciate if we could just remain friends, until I have sorted all my shit out and know where I stand with myself"

This was on the 25th February .

Since then everything has been great, we've actually been getting on much better than ever before and i managed to put my "actual feelings" to one-side for this long. However, they are back (Well they were never really gone) and i don't know how to approach the situation.
I don't want to bring the topic up again and possibly spoil the friendship but on the other hand i really want to try for a relationship with her or at least get a categorical "Its never going to happen"
I'm currently sticking to being extra nice to her, complimenting her, and trying to organise an activity together but do you think i am wasting my time?
Straight Guy with crush on a lesbian, am i wasting my time? Do i Stand a chance?
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