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We've all had one or two questions that only receive one or two answers and some don't even get one! It can be disheartening if you're new to GAG and wanted a bit of advice. It's unlikely that your question has gone unnoticed because of the newsfeed and the "no opinions" feed so that means, people aren't answering your question for one reason or another.

Too much description

Writing an essay in the question's description can be the biggest way to turn people away from your question, even more so when you don't use paragraphs! Nine times out of ten, the question asker puts in loads of unnecessary information, often irrelevant to the actual question. No-one wants to read that any more than you would. We don't care what outfit you were wearing or the really awesome party you met your love interest at. Us GAGers only want to know the bare minimum information which will help us gain perespective and give you the best advice we can. Bullet point your information if you have to and never ever ever post more than one question for the same question, just to add even more description (it has happened).

Too little description

This is contradictory to the first, but it does apply to some vague questions. Don't ask "does she like me?" and give no information whatsoever. How could we know unless we have some examples of her behaviour? Sometimes questions require a description of some sort but not too much.

Poor English

If no-one can understand your question, then you can't expect many answers. Sometimes we can work out what the asker is trying to get at, but I think I'm right in saying, most GAGers are too lazy to try to understand such questions so they move on to the next!

No interest

A large number of GAGers block some topics here and others simply ignore questions of a certain type or topic. It's nothing against you, just people have different interests and if your question doesn't grab theirs, they won't respond. Some GAGers only answer questions in the sexual behaviour area, others only answer popular open questions that engage the community. I personally don't like "how do I look?" questions and I know a substantial number of users don't either. If you happen to post your question in the wrong topic or a topic few people are interested in, then your chances of getting a lot of answers will be lowered.

Not unique

"Does he/she like me?" questions are probably the most common questions here on GAG. If you've been on this site for a few years, it becomes repetitive and tiresome seeing them all the time, to the point we naturally ignore them and seek out interesting, thought-provoking questions. Making your question more specific or unique will make it stand out from the crowd and it'll more likely get answered.

Keep these tips in mind if you're hoping to get a lot of advice and answers here on GAG.

Happy GAGing! ☺

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  • Excellent! Nothing could be added to this :)

    Nonetheless, if this doesn't work, use a pic of not-so-popular hot instagram model as your profile pic :P


What Girls Said 4

  • Thanks for the great tips. :)

  • very good take!!!

  • Those are good tips although personally I rarely have a problem getting comments.

  • How do I get more advice on a question that I have already posted?

    • Comment on people's responses, it'll then show up on people's news feeds.