The new features that I like on Girlsaskguys

I had used to use this website a lot and I had deleted my account some years ago. Now that I have a new account I just want to list the new features I like with no ranking in mind. Also, some of these features are things that are not only new but features that I like about this website in general.The new features that I like on girlsaskguys

1. The ability to block anonymous users.

I like this feature because I can block trolls and it was so annoying having anon trolls keep replying and abusing the anon feature.

2. I like that I'm able to select which gender can answer my Questions or myTakes.

3. I like the cover photo option.

4. The mobile layout

5. The myTakes

6. I like the ability to disavow a question

7. I like the ability to share an opinion without having to click on the question.

I like that I don't have to take the time to scroll down just to post my opinion.

8. The ability to report and block

Again please keep in mind that even though some of these features are not brand new I am also listing features that I like about GAG in general too.

Can I just say great job GAG for these features


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  • Thanks for the compliments.. It's good to hear these from an old time user :)


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  • The one thing that I do dislike, is when I post an opinion, I immediately get redirected back to the live feed.

    Also the new sponsoring by Glasses USA is insanely annoying, and a poor attempt at disguising it like a legitimate question or MyTake.

    • Wow you are so immature I'm not mad at all. There is no need to be rude

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    • *do you get off on acting rude and bitchy for no reason to others?

    • If I blocked you, you wouldn't be able to reply to my opinion. Cowboy666 blocked you, not me. Calm down!

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  • So you're coming back from like 2008-09?

  • But they are not new features

    • Obviously you did not read the article you only read the title. If you read it you would know it's about features I like in general and new features it's both

    • Yeah but these features are at least 3/4 months older

    • You are just arguing for the sake of arguing

  • But these things made me GAG!

    (*Crowd Boos*)


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