Stating the Blatantly Obvious

You know when you post a question on here and then other people answer. Have you taken a look at the button you have to press to answer? Do you know what it says?

It says “share opinion”.

So let’s dissect that little phrase, it is giving you the option to share (tell the person asking the question) an opinion (a point of view, what you feel).

Stating the Blatantly Obvious.

So an opinion is a point of view, it is not law, it is not a fact, it is something you think is true. It’s what you believe and what you feel.

Let’s break it down oxford English dictionary style :

Opinion: A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge:

“That, in my opinion, is right”

“The area’s residents share vociferous opinions about the future”

So when you ask a question on here, what you’re going to get in return is not necessarily an answer. It’s a thing called an opinion.

Something to bear in mind about these opinions is that you may not agree with them. That’s ok because obviously everyone can have different opinions (see above definition). But you can’t get angry if the opinions people give you aren’t the opinions you want to hear. Because otherwise what was the point in asking for opinions in the first place if all you wanted to hear was what you already thought?

Some people on here take “ask a question” to mean “say something controversial and argue with people who don’t agree with the exact view I have”. So please don’t be confused, the purpose of this place is to ask a question and get opinions.

Not to say that discussing opinions is a bad thing. Discussing opinions can be brilliant; it’s a great way of looking deeper into things and getting a better more well-rounded view. But there is no need to get angry if you don’t manage to change another person’s opinion. That’s the thing about an opinion, people don’t have to agree.


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