Site your sources!

Site your sources. If you do not have any for what you are basing your discussion on Google it. Unless you are making a negative claim (ie No God).

To many on here will have a debate make claims and never site a dam thing. Also maybe look in to biases. I have sited stuff that was biased got called out on it and then dismissed my sites.

While this site is a question and answer forum, there will end up being discussion due to the nature of allowing comments on the opinions.

It does not do any good to claim you know this because you know xyz and they specialize in this. If we can not find xyz' s work or research then there is no proof that xyz is even correct.

See it is not hard. It also tells us why you have come to your conclusion.

Site your f****** sources.


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  • Hmm.. how about this

    • Now you are going to make me track down all those conversations aren't you.

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    • I wasn't using that image for you, I was suggesting you to use this one? :]

    • I'll admit I am bit of Liam fan. So the meme was biased.