GAGfolk: Telling it like it is vs. Respect

GAGfolk: Telling it like it is vs. Respect

I noticed people are always quick to jump down each other's throats on here. Sometimes (well, lots of time actually) I see GAGfolk engaging in all out cyber war. My reaction to many comments I read on here goes like....

I just always wonder what are these people thinking? For what it's worth, there's a difference between what you would call 'telling it like it is' and being respectful. You can tell the truth without being rude or obnoxious or hurting someone's feelings. A little tact is all that's needed. Something I learned as a child that you need to know; if you have nothing good to say, it's better to keep it to yourself.

Another good thing to note is that in life respect is like a boomerang, you can't expect to get it back unless you throw it out there first. Yes sometimes people might be very annoying or you may not agree with something they posted, however there are many ways to get your point/opinion across without being a total jerkface. Just treat others the way you expect to be treated, simple as that.

So to recap:

  • Respect everyone regardless of differences in opinion
  • Be tactful
  • Be careful what you say(type) and how you say(type) it.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  • Don't be a cyber bully

I hope someone learns something from this. It can be applied to real life too. Happy posting!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Disagreement with someone doesn't show disrespect. If anything, you respect them by taking the time to explain why you disagree.

    Using a lot of 4 letter words to respond to disagreement, of course, should not be acceptable.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah I do understand where you're coming from when I first joined GAG I did have this problem and I did cross the line but as the years went by I now just disagree with them state my opinion and leave it at that. If I disagree with them and they disagree with me there's a good chance we will be having a debate however I do not insult or call people out of their names.

    It it just upsets me how someone could think so highly of their self, be racist, in sult you, call you out of your name, leave you a nasty message, and act as if they're a perfect angel when they're clearly not and all of it occurred simply because you disagreed with them and took up for someone else.

    Like you said do unto others as you would have them do unto you... Well apparently some people are asking to be treated like sh*t to leave a message like this 😒

    Enough of your disgusting, dramatic, hypocritical mouth on my post. Don't approach me with that entitled attitude then maybe we can have a discussion. But if you choose to be a nasty, stereotypical ghetto black bitch then you don't get sh*t from me. You're already average with f*cked up hair. At least try to have a more appealing personality, sweetie.

    • I had another mouth dropping moment there... Someone actually SAID THAT? O_O girl smh these people need some serious help. We better start a class: How_To_NOT_Be_A_Jerk_101.

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    • Oh okay well the one I'm referring to xper level is 9 and profile is private I'm sure you can figure out who I'm refering to. I'm sure you've seen her around before. Thid was one of her friendlier moments but look out I'm sure you'll eventually catch her being rude to someone else.

    • I see her I'll keep an eye out... maybe we can recommend her to the class

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  • Ouch! Right in my ego. I think that it's because people have either witnessed or experienced willfully ignorant people adamantly bully people because they entered the fray with a chip on their shoulders. You can refute without being a dickbutt. I know all too well what it's like to argue with someone who evidently has no intellectual merits of any kind. That and folks know that there's a possibility that their opponents may try and turn the tables on them. Gets really tiring, emotionally.

    • I know smh it's like sometimes I wish I could un-read some of the crap I saw on here LOL

  • That gif at the end of this, with the whole sarcastic clap and thumbs up, that would be me.

    Anyways, I pretty much agree with this myTake.

  • Most of the times it's women complaining about receiving answers they didn't like, so with my expert knowledge I've come to the conclusion that the women on this site are typically babies who need thicker skin.

    • Really? I've seen many guys verbally attacked as well, just because the women speak out against it doesn't mean that the guys are unaffected by it ;)

    • Yeah, seen them verbally attacked, but probably haven't seen them respond either passive-aggressively or crying about it and then making a take on why it's not right to tell people the truth.


    • Lol actually I did this in the hope of bettering the gag community. Not because I'm butthurt in any way hahaha. I just feel so uneasy when I see how badly some GAGers treat others on here. The goodness in me just could not let it go unchecked. But you're entitled to your opinion so you can think what you like. Have a good night!

  • " You can tell the truth without being rude or obnoxious or hurting someone's feelings"

    It's so much more fun though and LOL I love the gif at the end.

  • Just sometimes people are too lazy to be respectful or it does not sound exciting for then, which is still WRONG! :)

  • okay mommy, im sorry. Where should i leave my diapers?

    • LMAO I see your sarcasm anon guy O_o But glad you got the point though, they really do act like big a$$ babies lol

  • I agree, respect is like a boomerang, the problem is so many here simply don't know how to be respectful. Then when you point out they are being a jerk, they act like the victim. Ugh, sometimes you just gotta ignore the trolls!

    • Yeah but its so annoying too, seeing people being basically attacked all the time :/

    • Yea and the funny thing is the ones attacking never get their posts removed. Guess they are in good with the moderators or something.

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  • We should learn from the profound difference each other rather than dying them

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