Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

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Hey GAGers!

We've been paying attention to all of your feedback and concerns so we're here to explain some of our latest updates and improvements!

Keep Questions Open Longer

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

Many of you expressed concern over questions closing after 48 hours of inactivity. So, we have extended this setting to 72 hours instead! This means that questions will not be closed until the Asker selects to close them or after 72 hours of inactivity which means there have been no more new Opinions, Opinion Replies, or Poll Votes in 72 hours.

Editors Can Edit!

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

Another one of our exciting updates is exclusively designed for our dedicated Editors. Once an Editor's myTake has been submitted and published to the site, they now have access to edit their own myTakes up to 48 hours after submission. Simply click the pencil icon at the bottom of your myTake, and you have the full ability to make changes to your text, images, videos, etc. To learn more about becoming an Editor, click here.

Docked Opinion Bar


Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!


Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

You may have already noticed that there is now a new docked bar on question and myTake pages with shortcuts to add an opinion, guys and girls opinions, scroll to the top, and go to the next question or myTake. This will make it easier to navigate around individual question and myTake pages!

No More Mentions for Inactive Users

Some of you expressed confusion over seeing inactive usernames highlighted when someone mentions them. So now, inactive usernames will no longer be turned into hyperlinks with the mention feature.

Bug Fixes!

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

We fixed a small bug that was messing up the character counter and causing situations where even though the member still had characters left in the counter, he or she couldn't post that piece of content. This should no longer be a problem.

Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below! We value all of your feedback and opinions. :)

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    1) We want the closing of question gone to get over and be done with, we don't want longer closing times, we want it gone.
    2) Thank you for the editor update. Sure to come in handy, but if the editor wants to go anonymous, I don't think this feature should be allowed then.
    3) The rest of the updates are meh.
    What we really want:
    1) More events like Fools day.
    2) Don't block users on their own takes or questions. Some very annoying 'I want the last word and then block you' assholes are really extremely annoying.
    3) Why two notifications for mentions and opinions on the same post? Its annoying.
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    • Vncmc2

      Lol u must have a life

    • Chief16

      @Vncmc2 oh you don't?

    • I like your number 2 for updates. by askers do that too. people shouldn't be able to block in one scenario but not the other.

Most Helpful Girl

  • EmpatheticLady
    I am sure all the editors love the feature to be able to edit their Takes! I have seen many comments from them on that matter. I like the new docked task/opinion bar as well. It's clean, though it did take me a second to get to used to not searching for the old buttons. The ability to have questions open longer is nice, though it's not as long as preferred. Better than nothin', though!
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • shyguy2016
  • Waffles731
    Cool beans
  • oddmentius
  • okchinaseller
  • rock12et
  • Anonymous
    When will we be able to tag others anonymously?
    • douride2

      It won't ever happen. It's the penalty for being anon.

    • Anonymous

      @douride2 But why?

  • Anonymous
    I like the new changes :)
    And not trying to be annoying or anything, but are the down votes ever going to be coming back? A while back there was another post gag made about site improvements and it mentioned that they were coming back but they never did.
    • Mekkalyn

      This is what I was wondering...

  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the updates, but I have a couple opinions of my own.
    1) Can you just remove the closing of posts altogether? Make it our decision? A LOT of people really dislike the automatic closing feature. Extending the time helps, but it's still annoying to deal with.
    2) The docked opinion bar is really distracting. I'm sure we'll get used to it, but it's a big change to deal with. What if you added that to our settings? There could be a setting to turn the docked bar on/off. That would be useful, because I'm sure there are people who do like seeing it, and there are definitely people in the replies who hate it.
  • Anonymous
    Where's the darn downvote button?
  • Anonymous
    YES! Finally the character counter bug is resolved.
  • Anonymous
    Why even closing questions? Why?

    One thing I've noticed that has changed for the worse (it's almost always that way with changes); when I click my username and get the drop-down menu and go into "Opinion" - I see that they are no longer in the correct time order.

    Fix that please.
  • Anonymous
    I like the questions closing , because people need to choose the MHO quicker. With the way it was before some users wouldn't bother choosing it. I have found my mho percentage has gone up quicker due to closing the questions.

    I hope extending it to 72 hours doesn't mean i will have to wait longer to choose the MHO. I like to choose the MHO after a day so i can post new questions , besides after 24 hours not many people seem to post on the questions very much , I prefer to be able to choose the mho after four or more opinions because some questions get very few responses and i have to wait 24 hours before i can choose the mho and post a new one
    • You won't have to wait longer, the time frame for being able to select MHO is still the same, 24 hours after the question is posted. :)