Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

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Hey GAGers!

We've been paying attention to all of your feedback and concerns so we're here to explain some of our latest updates and improvements!

Keep Questions Open Longer

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

Many of you expressed concern over questions closing after 48 hours of inactivity. So, we have extended this setting to 72 hours instead! This means that questions will not be closed until the Asker selects to close them or after 72 hours of inactivity which means there have been no more new Opinions, Opinion Replies, or Poll Votes in 72 hours.

Editors Can Edit!

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

Another one of our exciting updates is exclusively designed for our dedicated Editors. Once an Editor's myTake has been submitted and published to the site, they now have access to edit their own myTakes up to 48 hours after submission. Simply click the pencil icon at the bottom of your myTake, and you have the full ability to make changes to your text, images, videos, etc. To learn more about becoming an Editor, click here.

Docked Opinion Bar


Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!


Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

You may have already noticed that there is now a new docked bar on question and myTake pages with shortcuts to add an opinion, guys and girls opinions, scroll to the top, and go to the next question or myTake. This will make it easier to navigate around individual question and myTake pages!

No More Mentions for Inactive Users

Some of you expressed confusion over seeing inactive usernames highlighted when someone mentions them. So now, inactive usernames will no longer be turned into hyperlinks with the mention feature.

Bug Fixes!

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!

We fixed a small bug that was messing up the character counter and causing situations where even though the member still had characters left in the counter, he or she couldn't post that piece of content. This should no longer be a problem.

Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below! We value all of your feedback and opinions. :)

Keep Questions Open Longer, Editor Improvements, and More!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16

    1) We want the closing of question gone to get over and be done with, we don't want longer closing times, we want it gone.
    2) Thank you for the editor update. Sure to come in handy, but if the editor wants to go anonymous, I don't think this feature should be allowed then.
    3) The rest of the updates are meh.
    What we really want:
    1) More events like Fools day.
    2) Don't block users on their own takes or questions. Some very annoying 'I want the last word and then block you' assholes are really extremely annoying.
    3) Why two notifications for mentions and opinions on the same post? Its annoying.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • EmpatheticLady

    I am sure all the editors love the feature to be able to edit their Takes! I have seen many comments from them on that matter. I like the new docked task/opinion bar as well. It's clean, though it did take me a second to get to used to not searching for the old buttons. The ability to have questions open longer is nice, though it's not as long as preferred. Better than nothin', though!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • dangerDoge

    Yay, the character count bug was really annoying me. I often post longer-than-average answers and comments and sometimes have to edit them down to fit 2500 characters / 1000 characters. It was really difficult having to edit them down even more.

    Before I go over what I like and dislike... Yeah erm... the elephant in the room...
    Still looking for that downvote?
    Still looking for that follow feature of the questions/mytakes that supposedly would be returned?
    I was hoping for at least an acknowledgement of a "hey, we are working on it! Don't worry, it will be coming out soon" or something lol

    My other thoughts on it:
    -- 72 hours is at least a step in the right direction. I'm satisfied with it for now. I'll form more of an opinion on it as I answer questions though.

    -- I'm hesitant on the editor being able to edit stuff, but I won't discount it completely yet. It will be another one that'll have to be seen in action to see how many editors would abuse the system if given the chance lol.

    -- I liked the dock bar feature. It sometimes has a bug on desktop where it doesn't hug the top of the screen, but other than that it is convenient. I can easily go from guys to girls opinions faster and stuff. It's nice. I consider this to be a solid improvement.

    -- The inactive user mention change doesn't bother me. I'm indifferent. It has its pros and cons.

    -- The bug fix is the thing I'm most happy with. It was really annoying me I had 100 or so less characters to work with each time.

    Overall, solid update in my opinion.

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    • Don't worry, the down vote and follow feature for questions/myTakes is still on our list. As for Editors now being able to edit, they will only be able to edit their own myTakes and there is a time limit in place but admins will be making sure no one is abusing it. :)

    • dangerDoge

      @xHoneyxBeex Awesome! Then pretty much all my concerns are addressed. :)

  • CHARismatic110

    Love the Editor update! I personally wish that we didn't have the open questions thing tho. I hate having to close questions that are still active to ask new ones.

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  • musicbrain5

    You've managed to do all of this but are taking your time to bring back what most of us have been asking for - the downvote button.

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    • That is because most of the editors are actually unemployed plumbers

    • @DianeDuffus: Well the editors can't actually make changes on the site in terms of design or functions.

  • smell-my-fingers

    They are allegedly good! Common consensus is a good thing to act on! If that, and 'pretty much' only that, is your motivation , then I do applaud you *golf-clap*...

    I'm still working out the math for 72 hours... isn't that like a fortnight? Hmmm... (I know it's over a day but less than a year!)

    Seems reasonable to extend the time though! But I hope it doesn't leave people less likely to REMEMBER to pick "best answers" w/o the looming deadline cloud above them! (Not that many DO anyway!) Makes me consider 'penalizing' (yes, that's an actual word!) Those that don't choose "best answers"... is that one in the consideration books? Just a little penalization can go a long way, I've heard!

    I didn't know that editors couldn't 'edit',... Uhm... It does seem counterintuitive, no? So I'm glad you plugged that hole before it got much bigger! That's amazing brilliance at work once again! Thanks for that! :)

    And BTW: the "Docked Opinion Bar',... not always so much "docked"! It tends to drag down the page sometimes, and until you move the page once again, wherein it pops right back up to the 'docked' position, it just hangs out in the middle of the page. I noticed it on ff 45.01 and tried the newest version of Edge (LOL), and IE 11. x all using a Windows 10 system with a very similar bug. Only when using Google's Chrome Browser was the effect not reproducible, insofar as I could tell at least. But I'm just sayin'!

    THANKS for fixing that counted character bug! (99x/1000) should be post-able, rather than have the system look me straight in the eyes and say that I have too many characters! I checked it with my calculator, and I am pretty sure that 997 < 1000, so I do appreciate that fix, as a long-winded poster!

    I know that the monkey-wrench on the key is probably a joke, but it's too late and I have no 'usable' left arrow now! So,... Thanks a lot!

    But, anyway, I think I get this part, (but then that's basically a lie, i. e. I don't):

    "No More Mentions for Inactive Users
    Some of you expressed confusion over seeing inactive usernames highlighted when someone mentions them. So now, inactive usernames will no longer be turned into hyperlinks with the mention feature."

    ... What do you mean by "inactive" and "highlighted"? C'mon, and cut a newbie some slack!

    So, anyway, there's my feedback,... Value it, if you would be so kind! (And thanks again for listening to members' concerns! That's a noble quality...

  • mistixs

    I would prefer it if we went baCk to when questions never closed

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  • thewanderingme

    I don't like the new docked bar. looks awful and it's distracting.

    where's the downvote button?

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  • Stacyzee

    Finally the editor name reflects the actual definition. I love this !

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    • Do you make mistakes in myTakes?

    • Stacyzee

      Yes, I'm certainly everyone does it.
      It's inevitable for a woman to make a few errors when typing 110 wpm. I proofread but some errors go over my eye. It's great to have this feature.

    • Stacyzee

      Of course , the errors are usually so small no one notices it. Generally speaking , I think even one error can mess up a perfectly good take or the flow of it.

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  • WhatTheHellAmy

    great, I like editing

    but don't fuck, don't close the questions, simply don't!

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  • ThisDudeHere

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod I was in dat picture!! Did anyone see? Right there!! In the picture!! Me!! I'm famous now!!!

    Joking aside, this is probably the best update in a whole year, methinks.

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    • Babybebe15

      Haha, I was wondering if the users in the picture would see this.

  • Deft_maiden

    All users should be able to go back and edit their posts

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    • Octavius

      It's one of those "the rich get richer" and everyone else is left in the dust. I don't see a logical reasoning for having that as an exclusive.

    • @Octavius encouraging everyone to become an editor.

    • Blueeyes81

      I thought the same.

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  • CheerGirl38139

    Good job overall. I don't think a lot of users really understand that the 72 hour clock on questions rests all the way back to a full new 72 hours each time there's any activity in the question. So a good/interesting/popular question will be open for several days, a week, or more.

    I'm still in the no down vote camp, the limiting of anonymous posting abuses, and I'm not in love with thr new docked thing. 🙋

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    • blondfrog

      Down voting doesn't stop people from disagreeing with you and being "antagonistic"

    • @blondfrog I'm fully aware of that. But at least theycan't invisibly troll people just because they want to.

    • blondfrog

      How his trolling downvoting?

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  • poopedmypantsagain

    Well that is all fine if you are an editor, but I would like to see people that give opinions be allowed to edit them even if for 1 hour.. when someone has posted 20 opinions they get message saying you will see no more ads for 24 hour.. why not change the wording to say if you post 20n opinions you can edit your posts for 24 hours instead

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  • M_A_X

    LOL And all the Editors come out of the woodwork to rejoice

    Good for you guys.

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  • TadCurious

    Dear GAG:
    I really, really, really like the "docked opinion bar." I was saying in opinions how I'd like to see what I called a "floating header." Well whatever it's called I like what you did, and it makes navigating within a question much easier. When you guys do something right you deserve to hear about it.

    Well done.

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  • Sangita93

    This will help many like me - who can not use computer or network occasionally for about a week because of any of many reasons like, Out of home town for some reason, Examinations, hospital duties for relatives, Social service for Earthquake affected region or drought affected regions and many more. thank you.

  • Mesonfielde

    I don't like the docked bar. I have to look somewhere completely different to find a "total" count for each sex's opinion count, and the buttons are tiny so it's actually HARDER to navigate.

    I preferred the previous one, to be honest. Otherwise, nice update.

  • abundantlyrich

    There is still no option for us, users to have complete control over closing our questions since the time limit of 72 hours of keeping the questions open. This new rule doesn't attract more users but repulse them in the long run.

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  • Psi_Unknown

    That explains why I couldn't find what previous articles/threads/opinions/blogs/posts. More time is better, so good update! More characters would be nice too, but I also agree with others about leaving questions open for a longer time, possible indefinitely. (I know this means some will be long gone from the posts!)

  • douride2

    Thanks for leaving the questions open longer but like many are asking where is the downvote?

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  • jacquesvol

    If the replies to comments on on the answers could get posted closer to the comment and not haphazard, it would be a boon.

    If G@g could do away with the mention "Opinion Owner" and show the name of the member it would be a boon too.
    One loses lots of time trying to identify the member by his age.

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