Anon Doesn't Equal Troll!


The "Anonymous" feature is a handy little ability for all G@G users. It allows you to post opinions comfortably without fear of judgment on yourself as no one knows who posted. Although the anon button is great for some, it can be a gateway to rude comments from trolls who are too wimpy to post with their face showing. Sadly, people have begun to ignore anons for that reason. Anonymous mode here on G@G is a positive thing, not all negative! But why would anyone need to go on Anon?

Personal experience

Some people feel very shy about their personal stories or experiences. I'm very uncomfortable with sharing my emotions outright, so the anon button allows me to share my story with others who may need it without having to fear negativity being pointed my way for it.

Awkward topics

As a young girl, posting opinions about sexual health and behavior can feel very awkward for me specifically. I know that I can't be the only human being to feel that way, so the anon mode allows those who feel awkward discussing certain topics to hide their identities for their own comfort on this site.


There have been a few users who I knew disliked me, but I found that I had very good answers to questions of theirs that could have helped them a lot. I know that info coming from a person you don't like will normally be ignored, so the anon button allows me to help out a fellow human being without my idea being thrown out for superficial reasons.

Safety reasons

Some people don't want their info out in the online world. They may have already changed up some info on their profiles, but maybe they don't want their face out there branded onto questions and MyTakes that they feel could jeopardize their safety. The anon feature on G@G allows for a safe and comfortable browsing and posting experience.

Simple shyness

Some people may have very good opinions, but they're too shy to say them with their face next to it. Going onto anon is a quick and easy way to escape that feeling of dread a shy person gets when they realize all eyes are on them, because all of those eyes will be on an anon picture instead!

Please don't disrespect a person who uses the anonymous feature here on G@G unless they're using it for a negative reason, The feature was placed here for our convenience, and we have every right to use it to improve our experiences on this wonderful site.

Anon Doesn't Equal Troll!

Anon Doesn't Equal Troll!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Dargil
    I never, ever troll. I go anonymous when I engage subjects that may inspire bullying by others who object to my posts. Examples are morality and abortion. I am by no means a "coward". I simply don't place any time value in "defending" against personal "attacks". Also, some subjects may get visceral and intimate and I have found true that females feel "safer" responding to and from behind a mask. I also have a couple of "kinks" that don't fit my "image", such as that may be and I don't want to deter responses to my usually tame posts.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    To me the anon alllows me to be more opinionated without backlash.

    For example when someone asks a HDIL question, if I gave an honest opinion they'd attack me back, even though they asked. Now I go anon, you want to know if you look ugly or fat I'm going to tell you like it is. Don't ask if you can't handle the truth.

    I also go anon with overly sexual questions. I don't want that tied to my account.
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  • musicbrain5
    No, not all anonymous posters are trolls. However, it gets abused far too often by trolls on here which is why people automatically associate "anonymous" with "troll". I only ever go anon for personal or embarrassing posts, and even at that it's rare. I think anonymous should only be allowed on the sex or relationship topics, because questions in any of the other topics don't require anon answers or askers. People go anonymous to state their favourite movies for fuck's sake. It's crazy.
  • MrMaskyMoon
    quite often i find myself putting an opinion up as an anon, mainly because i'm quite shy but there are certainly occasions wher i will say something as a joke. I don't like trolling, however some people will make a post as an anon so they can troll. So i feel that it is okay for me to add a troll on top of their's. If i ever hurt someone's feeling's in doing so i always apologise, unless i'm unable to tell whether i've upset them or not, reading. Reading your post and writing this opinion has made me realise that it's not really okay to troll or joke as an anon user because it definetly give a bad image for genuine anon users. So in conclusion, i've decided to stop joking/trolling as an anon user, my apologies to those who may have been offended by my jokes in the past. I shall try to keep in mind that other people may be effected negativly although i intend them as jokes.
    I really appreciate that you've taken the time to make a post on this topic as it has definetly opened my eyes on the subject and made me more aware for the future. Thank you very much and i wish you a good evening :) .
  • Morriganhell
    generally people are anon when they ask questions which sign of low self confidence. Nobody wants to be known as unsure.
    "heyy i am morriganhell and I am too confident I think I am beautifull :)"
    *become anon*
    "guys do you think I have too big nose?"
  • Hopefuldreamer8
    That's the thing. People always abuse a good thing, and it ruins it for everyone. I never assume someone who is anonymous is a troll. I've also used it for certain questions that I'm embarrassed about.
  • ManOnFire
    Nope. Not gonna change my mind. Some Anons are anon for the reasons you stated, but a lot are really just annoying cowards who do want to assault you in your posts, yeah.
  • John_Doesnt
    I totally agree. I might even guess that most anons are not trolls. I've used anon status many times because the subject matter was too sensitive or embarrassing.
    Who wouldn't want to be anonymous about having an STI or if you're having sexual problems like ED?
  • luvstoned4him
    @ lexythelou22 I do agree. The anon choice is a useful and all the reasons you point out are true. However like @ManOnFire said most are cowards who attack you, I've experienced this
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Very good points - The problem is not the Anon function but those who abuse it - It is quite possible that every function has been abused in some way on GaG just that anon is the most visible
  • godfatherfan
    When you create an account on GAG, your ANONYMOUS.
    so posting ANON is just stupid.
    I refuse to ever assign MHO to any anonymous poster.
    I basically pass over anything they post
    they are a waste of space on this site.
    if you want to be on here, if you want to express an opinion, be willing to stand behind it. period.
    • You can disable anonymous opinions on your questions, so that will help weed them out. Personally I think the anonymous option should only be available on the sexual behaviour or relationship topics.

    • By that logic, everything posted by a person without his/her real picture or name is "waste of space". Including your post. You're also an anonymous. You just don't have a default blue logo.

    • @ResonantGuy That really makes no sense at all. But part of your post is right. I AM ANONYMOUS. you don't know my real name. You don't know where I live. Although I am more then happy to post that since I stand behind my comments. The fact is i am anonymous when I post here. SO posting as anonymous would be beyond stupid.

  • Cosytoasty
    As much as i try and answer anons or take their opinions seriously, It's always going to be less than a user with a face (not a catfish). If people want some privacy with conversations they can allow private opinions only, or simply set their profile to private?
  • ksoma
    I'd take it a step further and suggest "troll," more often than not, doesn't equal troll.
    If someone asks "do I look pretty here?" and if I were to answer "No, not at all," that might be UNKIND of me (and something I don't even do anonymously), but if I was telling the truth, if that was my opinion? Not trolling.

    People react as if every disagreement is someone trolling them. Every negative comment is someone trolling them.
    They aren't.
    Some times you are objectively wrong, sometimes someone has a different subjective opinion, and sometimes you're ugly. Pointing these things out, and they way they are pointed out, can be done politely or subtly, or bluntly rudely, but so long as the person saying it, polite or rude, is not being dishonest, and is not replying for the sole purpose of provocation, they are not a troll!
    • This is not the point of my post. If you feel strongly, write a take about it, don't start this debate on a harmless post meant to help.

    • ksoma

      You were pointing out that one thing was not trolling.
      I was pointing out another thing that is not trolling.
      I said nothing to counter your point, delegitimze your point, take away from you point, or to try to derail this. I was simply using your point as a stepping board to a brief look into my own.
      I honestly have no idea how you are offended by this, why you think I am trying to start a debate rather than just make a comment, or why you think my opinion will do harm.

  • Dandeus
    that's only technically true, it doesn't "equal" troll. but the number of anonymous questions and takes that are blatantly troll posts vastly outnumber the legitimate uses of the feature. to use it is to risk not being taken seriously.
  • Cusco_Othriyas
    Anon=/= troll. Yes, this is true. But most of the time, it's pretty clear to people when anon is being misused. The stigma isn't attached to anon users, it's being attached to anon trolls
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I don't even understand why this topic is a thing. I mean great take but its almost like gag is this teenage social circle.
  • Psi_Unknown
    Well, one could troll publically or anonymously. I see the potential for greatness in Anonymous posts. When words are true, does it really matter how someone communicates?
    I can relate to most of that being an awkward and shy introvert.
  • arashmenalagha
    That guy looks like a total troll. Like a lot of anons on here.
  • Pinkbeauty
    nice take I sometimes go anonymous because I want to avoid getting hate online
  • 9mfeo
    I don't agree, which is why I don't allow anonymous or private opinions on my content.
  • Kylesar
    Of course Anon doesn't necessarily mean troll

    95% of the trolls on this site just happen to be anonymous
  • aliceinwonderland69
    At first I was like no Anon is scum. Now I'm like hmmm maybe u alright.
  • JohnnyBritish
    My thoughts exactly, good article.
  • HeidiTell

    Good mytake, I agree.
  • Nerdvana
    I vote we get rid of anonymous
  • astrOnaut01
    Not most of the time, but enough of the time.
  • Anonymous
    Contrary to yours, my experience = trolls
    in the sexual topics
  • Anonymous
    Exactly, I agree on this myTake :)
  • Anonymous
    Great post. I've had an interesting experience with this. I was in a group once that scorned, ignored, or rejected every idea I volunteered, but one time when everyone was asked to contribute a proposition anonymously my idea received overwhelming support. Since it didn't differ much from my earlier proposals I concluded that others were judging me rather than my ideas and even if they realized this they would refuse to reconsider just to be stubborn.

    I've never really trusted people to focus on actual concepts rather the speaker ever since, and that seems to have worked out well.
  • Anonymous
    Exactly... I always go anonymous... cause I don't wanna be annoyed by messages and mentions since people are gonna see ma name... and I wanna say wotever I want widout being afraid to be blocked...

  • Anonymous
    Oh come on now, enough with rational thinking here ! ;) ;)

    I'm incredibly introverted and thus I'm anon, since I can be. It's also a safety measure, but in much mess ratio as the introverted-ness (or shyness as it's sometimes, I think, wrongly called).

    I wouldn't want people sending me messages, because they would probably get angry I didn't reply or start to bombard my inbox or start, in the worst case possible scenario (very unlikely, luckily) stalking me online and then possibly offline
  • Anonymous
    It does if you are me
  • Anonymous
    a anonymous is not always a troll
    a troll is always a anonymous
    I'm cool, I made a poem ^-^
  • Anonymous
    I go anon on ALL my question regardless of how mundane.
    The reason I do it is so the weak fragile whiners who ask for opinions but actually just want to have people agree with them, have a harder time doxxing or blocking you when you point out the truth.
    • I often go anonymous for the same reason. So many people can't stand to hear that they may actually not be perfect, and need to do some self reflecting.

  • Anonymous
    I used to use anon primarily when discussing personal things that didn't relate just to me, but also to family etc, who were not consenting to have their stuff blown.

    But after dealing with some shit here, i switched to posting nearly 100% anon.
    • Poppykate

      That's really kind and decent to protect those close to you! 👍🏼

  • Anonymous
    Thanks for pointing that out to anon haters for no reason. I love this take.

    I'm in no way a coward. I go anonymous randomly for favourite colour questions to even sillier questions. However, I will show myself publicly on an embarrassing question if it's from a follower or the person I follow.
    Plus there are other things but it doesn't matter as most are covered in your post and some people's comments and in other questions.

    Accept my respects young lady!
  • Anonymous
    Exactly, I agree on that.
  • Anonymous
    Personally, I think that catfishes and spammers are a bigger problem than anons.
  • Anonymous
    I go anon for questions where people ask very personal things.

    And things like this where I confess to things like that...