Anon Doesn't Equal Troll!


The "Anonymous" feature is a handy little ability for all G@G users. It allows you to post opinions comfortably without fear of judgment on yourself as no one knows who posted. Although the anon button is great for some, it can be a gateway to rude comments from trolls who are too wimpy to post with their face showing. Sadly, people have begun to ignore anons for that reason. Anonymous mode here on G@G is a positive thing, not all negative! But why would anyone need to go on Anon?

Personal experience

Some people feel very shy about their personal stories or experiences. I'm very uncomfortable with sharing my emotions outright, so the anon button allows me to share my story with others who may need it without having to fear negativity being pointed my way for it.

Awkward topics

As a young girl, posting opinions about sexual health and behavior can feel very awkward for me specifically. I know that I can't be the only human being to feel that way, so the anon mode allows those who feel awkward discussing certain topics to hide their identities for their own comfort on this site.


There have been a few users who I knew disliked me, but I found that I had very good answers to questions of theirs that could have helped them a lot. I know that info coming from a person you don't like will normally be ignored, so the anon button allows me to help out a fellow human being without my idea being thrown out for superficial reasons.

Safety reasons

Some people don't want their info out in the online world. They may have already changed up some info on their profiles, but maybe they don't want their face out there branded onto questions and MyTakes that they feel could jeopardize their safety. The anon feature on G@G allows for a safe and comfortable browsing and posting experience.

Simple shyness

Some people may have very good opinions, but they're too shy to say them with their face next to it. Going onto anon is a quick and easy way to escape that feeling of dread a shy person gets when they realize all eyes are on them, because all of those eyes will be on an anon picture instead!

Please don't disrespect a person who uses the anonymous feature here on G@G unless they're using it for a negative reason, The feature was placed here for our convenience, and we have every right to use it to improve our experiences on this wonderful site.

Anon Doesn't Equal Troll!

Anon Doesn't Equal Troll!
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