G@G Needs a DOWNVOTE button!


G@G Needs a DOWNVOTE button!

There is a debate going on about G@G bringing adding the downvote button. I feel that it is definitely necessary. Here's why.


If someone writes something offensive, rude, racist, or sexist, there is only an option to give it a thumbs up. Sure, you could reply and say that it's rude and you can report it, but the quickest way to let everyone else know that it is offensive without reading it is to give it a thumbs down. An overwhelming amount of thumbs down can automatically report the opinion.


We don't always want to reply to an opinion. A simple way to show that you disagree is to click the thumbs down button. It's easy and ANONYMOUS.


G@G is literally a site filled with OPINIONS. Giving something a thumbs up is a way to express your opinion if you like what someone wrote/said, but how can you express your opinion in the same way if you don't like what someone said? A downvote button. IT'S THAT EASY. So I really hope that G@G brings back the downvote button... and soon.

G@G Needs a DOWNVOTE button!
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