A Small Rant For Less Attractive Girls Like Me


I'm doing this so people with a common experience can relate, myself included. I have these surpressed feelings from recent experiences, but no one cares about me to listen. So, I'm branching out.

Pretty girls have it so easy. Every guy wants to be with them, and other girls do as well. Everyone likes pretty people. They’re more likely to have more confidence, so they have better relationships and job opportunities. They are more likely to have good business relationships as well as a good love life. They get better grades because teachers have been statistically proven to give higher grades to more attractive girls. They’re more likely to have awesome life experiences because everyone wants to give the cute, pretty thing other pretty things in life. It fits, right?

What does it matter if I’m ugly? My feelings don’t matter. There’s no reason to pity me. I’m not cute and delicate like she is. I’m ugly. So to feel like I need protection against bad feelings just doesn’t fit. It fits, right?

But what about my emotions? I’m still a human! I feel trapped! I can’t take it! I need to escape! I freaking don’t care anymore. And yet – I care! I just don’t want to care anymore! I don’t want any emotions!

That way, since I can’t escape unfair treatment, at least I can’t have any jealousy, frustration, or sadness from it. It fits, right?

I like Skrillex. He’s an undesireable guy with his own flair. He used to live in illegal lots before fame, and he was a reject. Now, he leaves his mark on so many people.

Dang, especially those arrogant, petite girls that use their super-girliness to attract all the guys and purposefully act cute and leaves the boys in pursuit of them only and girls like me with much lesser of a choice! I don't even have a chance of any friendship! And, they act stuck-up about it too!

I'm sick of my predicament.

I've always wondered what the prettiest girls who happened to wear thick eye make-up looked like without it, though. They just look more natural and cute vs. their average pretty. Man, every time I try to ask them a question or something relating to class or etc., they just give me a snake stare like I've lost everything I could possibly have in life to make me happy, and that I'm ugly and a loser and an ugly loser.

"If you like the way you look that much, oh baby you should go and love yourself."

Guys are totally oblivious. They're too enthralled by their cute side and physical cuteness.

Man, I don't even feel like I deserve to listen to Justin Bieber's song "Love Yourself" because he'd ignore me if I met him in person. He already dislikes me. I know it.

I'm so thankful if a pretty girl doesn't ignore me or even goes so far as to be genuinely kind by personality.

A small rant for less attractive girls like me

A Small Rant For Less Attractive Girls Like Me
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  • Bandit74

    I think you frustrations are valid but I also think ugly guys are at a similar disadvantage. The only difference is they have a few more options to compensate for what they may lack in physical appearance. Guys aren't immune from being mocked by other guys for how they look nor are they immune from girls overlooking them due to their ugliness. They do however have more options to compensate for this compared to an ugly girl. Ugly guys can compensate for their ugliness and gain some respect from their male peers as well as interest from women by having a strong personality and being really good at a sport or really succesful in their professional lives. Still, all else being equal, its better to be an attractive guy.

    Being good looking is generally an advatage regardless of age or gender while being conventionally ugly is generally a disadvantage regardless of age or gender. Although I wouldn't say attractive people are without their issues. Its just that if you have two people who have identical life struggles but one is attractive while the other is ugly, the ugly person has an additional struggle in addition to all the other struggles. I think lots of people are miserable for various reason even if they look good, its just different flavors of misery.

    Anyways, when it comes to beauty bias, things have always been like this. There has never been a time in human history where looks haven't mattered, where ugly people werent disadvantaged. The preference for conventionally good looking faces has even been observed in new born babies which suggests this preference is somewhat innate. Realistically I think it would be easier for science to evolve to the point where we can customize our appearances so that everyone is good looking than it would be to eliminate our biases towards physical appearance.

    Words are cheap so I dont think there is anything one thing I could say that will magically make your problems disappear and help you feel better. Only I can recomend would be to try and recognize which aspects of your appearance you have the most control over and try to work on improving those as much as you can. Unless you have major birth defects ir have been defirmed from a tragic accident, I doubt you are hopelessly ugly. So there is always room for self-improvement.

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  • lightbulb27

    so that's a picture of a typical pretty girl not you right?

    I get your emotions (mostly). you must be young.

    Although there is al ot of truth to what you say, I disagree with how you are preceiving things. I was never drawn to ore attracted to pretty girls. I was attracted to beautiful girls and often those were average in the eyes of others. girls with too much makeup I don't like.

    that said, yes an attractive person can get by with a lot more... but don't be envious. She's fighting for her life on a daily basis, likely to be used and taken advantage of.. how many of those girls end up with deep emotional wounds due to all the boyfriends who used and abused and broke their hearts?

    I've seen some "ugly ducklings"... ok they weren't that bad, but just plain and average grow up and they are just stunning. Women get more attractive to me in their 30 - 50 range. I wasn't really attracted to them in their teens and such.

    Beauty is in your confidence in yourself, let your warmth come out, you know who you are, you have self esteem and value yourself, you have interest and are interesting to talk with and easy to talk to. Girls who are "trashy" and pretty are disgusting and sick to me. I wouldn't date them because they are so wounded.

    Does that help put some perspective around this.

    Now if you are really ugly for some reason, then work on improving your image. Have you seen the TV shows where they makeover people... makes a big difference. May not turn you into a beauty queen, but good enough.

  • Josht11

    Jesus I get your not as attractive but you really do whine like a bitch, tough shit your not attractive with that I can't do it attitude your never getting anywhere. You've got a disadvantage fucking deal with it I'm not the best looking guy and I'm only 5'4 I don't complain about this though.

    • Guys don't discriminate against one another based off of how attractive they are.

    • Like, you're gonna have bros to back you up. But most girls become friends based off of their desirability/attractiveness and because those girls are related to less attractive girls
      Oddballs like me have no chance of even friendships since I'm a girl. Guys are more chill in general.

    • Josht11

      Why can't you just get some ugly friends then.

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  • Riggers

    ''Pretty girls have it so easy. Every guy wants to be with them''.

    Exactly the same way as handsome guys have it so easy, Every girl wants to be with them.

    Unfortunately matey its just tough shit, Us uglies are just fucked, Got a bad hand in the DNA lottery and you just gotta play that shit i guess. Also, I dont see why you made a take about being ugly and ended it with an attractive girl?

  • 7André7

    an article about being less attractive, and then a picture of a very attractive girl.. bah..

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    • It's because the girls that get the most attention have heavy eye make-up half the time.

  • hotstuffSRD

    Umm frustrated 😶?
    It's fine just chill and be awesome 😊
    Lots of fish in the sea 😂 LOL

  • Bluemax

    Hmm. More on this later.

    • Bluemax

      Whereas I understand much of what you say, pretty girls have their problems, too.

      Teachers are more likely to be attentive to attractive male students as well. Studentsare more likely to be attentive to attractive teachers. This is true of male and female students alike. PARENTS are more likely to be attentive to their attractive children than to unattractive ones.

      I get that you're hurting, and I truly do feel for you. What do you think you can do to better your situation?

    • Stick with people with similar attractiveness and interests. That'll take time to find.

    • Bluemax

      Are you attracted to people with similar attractiveness?

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  • Farts12345

    She's beautiful 10 out of 10

  • iFarted

    But the girl in your pic is adorable!