Private Profiles, Disabling Invitations...Do You Think This is Facebook?

Private profiles, disabling invitations.. Do you think ths is Facebook?

Gag is an advice site...if you want advice, you have to allow some responses that you won't agree with.

All the concern for privacy seems oxymoronic to me This is an advice site! By walling yourself off from everyone but people you already know, which is what people are largely doing with the private profiles, disabling invitations, etc...

You are pretending your Gag account is a Facbook page and only for tagging your fiends.

No if Facbook is what you want t's available to you, and has a much larger membership, and you won't be annoyed by people trying to...offer you advice! Or asking for yours!

Which is the purpose of the site!

You can already block messages from non-friends if you're concerned abut stalkers and the like. But you're going to have those on your Facebook page as well, unless you also make THAT private!

IF you want effective advice, then you should welcome steps Ike invitations, that create a sense of continuity here. You can easily ignore invitations if you want, or simply block notifications.

But it's strange behavior for someone who signs up for Gag, which is still, in spite of all the people who want to treat it as a Facebook alternative, an ADVICE site!

Private Profiles, Disabling Invitations...Do You Think This is Facebook?
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  • Darkfairie17
    I agree with you. This is definitely not facebook! But some people only want to hear what they want to hear. And if you give them an opinion that doesn't coddle them or agree with how they feel, they turn on you.

    I've been lucky that most of my interactions on here have been positive. But I definitely get the odd negative ones from people who I gave honest advice to, who didn't like what I had to say. I try to give balanced advice, or advice that I am giving from my own experiences. I can't explain why every human does what they do. Because everyone is unique and has their own reasons for acting the way they do. But I can try to explain from my own experiences and thoughts possible reasons why they may do something.

    I think it's great that a person can invite someone to answer their question, or tag a fellow GAGer to answer the question or even do polls and stuff like that. I think all that is great. It's good to get opinions from different people.

    Sometimes people who haven't been on GAG long have great advice, and sometimes those in different age groups give great advice as well. I've seen some questions where the person gets upset if people outside of the gender or age group they asked in the question, answers. If the question is open, people should be allowed to answer.

    Sometimes an answer from a person you weren't expecting, can be the most helpful answer to your question! I don't think people should close themselves off to advice that could really help them.
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    • The problem is that so many don't want to take or give advice, just tag their friends...

    • I agree, this is an advice site. It's nice to tag friends and try to get them involved. But I agree with you, it's more like just a social thing. People tag as many people as they can. No one really gives advice or says anything.

      Sometimes I find it's on controversial questions, so it's almost like they are trying to start drama on this site.

    • They want to defend their gay friends against ANY criticism, that's the only time they get involved in anything controversial.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    Better to have the option available for the few people who need it, than not have it at all.
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  • NectarOfPuss
    Back in the old days and that's just six months ago very few people were anonymous but the negative feedback given the animosity created made it easier to post anonymously. I will give a quick example (this is not me (
    I have slept with three guys in our fourth one what should I do?
    Answers – you are a whore a fucking slut!
    All of that is inappropriate to people now post anonymously.
  • DandelionGirl
    I agree, sometimes I feel like this site is all about competition and how many friends you've got. No one seems to offer advice like they used to. It's all about xper points to a lot of people. 🙄🙄🙄
  • BeeNee
    GaG is no different than real life in the sense that here are hundreds of people that could give you advice, but do you necessarily want to hear it all. No, not really, and definitely not all the time. Sometimes a couple of voices are all you need hence the need for some to only do the friends invite thing or whatever they choose that I assume is excluding you---and perhaps why you're ticked off about it.

    I personally don't care about people who go anon or private message or block, because it's your own personal experience and you make it what you want. If you want to be open and put up your picture and invite others from everywhere than do it, but if that's not your thing, there is no actual rule or regulation that says you have to do so, so why worry about what others are doing? Associate yourself with people like you on GaG and you can have the experience you want to have.