Top 5 GaG Facebook Posts: 5 So-Funny-It-Hurts Vids And a Hot myTake!

So, checked out GirlsAskGuys Facebook page recently?


Well, two things: First, did you realize that your myTake (or Question or Poll) could end up on our FB page? We take our favorites and post 'em up, thereby giving the author a whole LOT more exposure! Good incentive to produce quality content. ;) Second, if you think the only thing on the GirlsAskGuys Facebook page is all the content you already see here, well, think again.

As an example, here are 6 great Facebook posts from the past week, starting with a myTake post. Kudos to the author, and can YOU get your Take shared on the GaG FB page?

3 Things I Really Hate About Being a Guy

by @Modernhippy

And now 5 videos that'll brighten your day:

Is the LDR even possible...?

Men are such babies about pain, aren't they?

If Lionel says she's amazing, then...

What "other" best friend?!

Dark secrets are always fun...

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  • I can't believe people actually add GAG on social media 😂


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What Girls Said 4

  • For those who care about such things, Lionel Messi's last name is misspelled.

  • That long distance video 😍 How cute! The dog was so happy to see the kitty cat! Hahah

  • it's something new

  • What is that lol


What Guys Said 3

  • Already following and checking the posts sometimes. The only problem is that you highlight the f-like button so much that I fear

    • That I'd accidentally tap it to unlike it. Like I accidentally submitted this opinion without completing it.

      Don't show it to the people who already liked your page.

  • Facebook sucks it works so slow with all those ads even adblocker can't block and all the stupid videos and pages people share is so annoying. Good thing I don't have fb anymore twitter is much better.

    • Oh good, then follow us on Twitter. ;)

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    • Um... you really shouldn't be getting any viruses from normal FB vids.

    • @ObscuredBeyond These kinds are more like once you share a video on there and you want to remove it it will never get removed once you shared it. And it will start saying you shared those videos even if you didn't that happened to my dad.

  • Gag is on facebook?