4 Reasons Why I Always Disable Anonymous Users

Anonymous users are among the group of users on GaG who purposely troll just to make someone angry. If you actually valued your opinion then why go anonymous? The simple reality of this is the fact you do not care what you are saying to another person and have no regard for them.

1. So why is this such a big deal?

This is a problem because it promotes virtual bullying and harassment to the question or opinion owner, often times reporting an anonymous users only gives you a slight satisfaction, they are much more likely to troll or be hateful again by using this flawed system. It hurts people, and even promotes flame wars.

2. But cyber-bullies are just trying to get a reaction out of you

Yes, in most cases this is true. However there are cases where cyberbullies will target a user for more hostile responses in order to harm the other person. If we continue to allow this, people will continue spreading hate and malicious comments until it dives the person away from the community.

3. Cyber-bullies affect our real lives

It hurts the person's feelings and often causes depression; if you can't squash a bug it will continue to pester you until you eventually get fed up with it. Reporting cyber bullies doesn't always give us the justice we are looking for and often times makes you a bigger target on their 'hit list'.

4. What can be done about it?

The majority of bullies thrive on responses from their victims, so if we stomp out their hate by reporting them and possibly limiting the functionality of anonymous users, this will solve most of the problems. We do not come for the hate and trolls, we joined this website and many others to be involved with a community in some shape or form. We cannot be a functional and safe community when these bullies are free to roam.

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