Refinement, Not Revolution

Refinement, Not Revolution

One more update to GirlsAskGuys, one more myTake. This time our goal was to try and address some of the community feedback we got on a few existing features to continue improving the experience for all of you. Here are the highlights of today's update:

Bringing back an alternative

Refinement, Not Revolution

When the ability to permanently delete a question was introduced, it had certain limitations so people wouldn't overuse it and to preserve good content. That left some of you without the option to get rid of something you might not want to see attached to your profile anymore.

This is why you'll now be able to disavow such questions when they can't be deleted. It'll work exactly the same as before and it will only be available for those situations in which you can't delete a question.

Anonymous annoyance

Refinement, Not Revolution

Being able to ask a question, add an opinion or share a myTake anonymously is a great way to allow people to express themselves freely and one of the cornerstones of the GirlsAskGuys experience. But this feature has also been abused and used to harass other members.

We're introducing a change to the way blocking an anonymous user works to remedy that. From now on, whenever you block an anonymous user who might have added an opinion or even an anonymous asker after a nasty reply on an opinion of yours, that user will be permanently blocked from interacting anonymously with you.

Really Private Opinions

Refinement, Not Revolution

To make the Private Opinions feature more useful and safe for our community, we decided that they don't belong in the question pages, but in the asker and opinion owner Private Messages inbox.

Adding a Private Opinion will trigger a message and start a private conversation between the opinion owner and the asker. Just keep in mind all privacy settings and other messaging rules still apply.

Improving the app

Refinement, Not Revolution

Last but not least, we have heard your feedback and introduced Private Messages in the app earlier this week for iOS and yesterday for Android. The My Conversations section is now also available there and we have reviewed how you add an opinion to make it even easier and more intuitive.

Don't worry, we're listening and will keep working hard to improve our app experience.

Refinement, Not Revolution
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LadyTerror
    Finally a good update! I like them. Here are a few more things that I think should be done.

    1. Last time I checked, the app didn't have the feature to look at takes. You also didn't get notified about them. It would be nice if you have this feature.

    2. Closed questions should be gone. I remember when the downvote removal got a lot of backlash and you did finally bring it back. But closed questions got even worse reviews and people hated it even more than the downvote removal. I also don't see any use of the feature. All it does is prevent you from answering questions, which is what this site is about.

    3. The limit to the number of questions one can ask should be based on the number of days, just like it used to be, rather than the number of open questions. This is a site where people come to ask questions, and I've had to close quite a few questions even though I didn't get the answers I wanted.

    More suggestions:
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    • Hi, @LadyTerror. Those are all good points that will be taken into consideration when planning the next steps.

      There's no timeline for myTakes on the app yet, but we're looking into it.

      And as far as Closed Questions go, we have been paying attention to your feedback. Up until now, our position is that it is more beneficial than detrimental to the GirlsAskGuys experience.

      As always, thanks for sharing your views. :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • YourFutureEx

    What will be the difference between Private Messages and Private Opinions then?
    It just killed the private opinion feature :/ not everyone wants to actually "PM" a user. Private opinions will just keep the conversation limited to that specific thread only. That way, users will be less hesitant.
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    • Oh and yes, we won't get MHOs for our advice either :(

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • TripleAce
    Great stuff

    Interestingly the mobile version of the site vs the app just seems to work much better

    It's actually feels like an app. I never use the app. Just using safari is perfect. Not sure why the app was even needed in the first place
    • The app does offer a much more streamlined experience, a nicer user interface and push notifications. ;)

    • TripleAce

      I see. Yea I do agree with that. The notifications are great I find. The app is a good app no doubt. But the web version of the site is pretty solid too

  • CheerGirl38139

    Now... if we are going to insist on leaving the down vote option available for opinions (which I still wish would go away altogether)... can we also make it available for questions?

    And allow u and down votes for opinion replies as well?
  • Jager66
    "that user will be permanently blocked "

    Will people be able to use this as a tool to identify Anonymous people? Block them then check your block list to see their identity?

    This seems like it should be a big concern to you guys and a lot of users.
    • No, the username is not revealed. If you go to your "blocks" page on your profile, you will see a new tab that says "Anonymous" which will allow you to unblock all of the Anonymous users you have blocked.

    • Jager66

      @xHoneyxBeex Awesome, sounds like you guy's thought of everything.

    • Well, we certainly tried! But feel free to let us know if you think we missed anything or if you have feedback on any of our other updates. :)

  • Gommers
    Remove mytake creator option for "does not want comments on this mytake".
    • This is up for debate here. We haven't come to a conclusion on that yet, but we have been proactively asking our Editors to always allow comments on their myTakes. ;)

  • Bandit74
    I also noticed that links sent through private message are now clickable.
    • Yep, that too. Just keep it between us to avoid too much spam. ;)

    • Bandit74

      Of course 😜

  • BellePepper
    Good job on this one!!! I literally have nothing to complain about other than the fact private comments exist at all but I still have hopes that will be taken care of eventually.
  • pervertedjester
    Very interesting indeed. I shall over look the fact that there is still no Punch and Pie as promised in the messages from @Fathoms77…instead I only ask can we get an update on a humor/satire topic inclusion?
  • Library
    These are some nice improvements 👍
  • Zorax
    Good update, I like most of the changes :)
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Good changes - I like them
  • blutwolfe
    10/10 update private messages on the app
  • zagor
    So when is chat coming back?
  • Adigelunar