7 Things I’ll Admit to G@G Because I LOVE SketchForger

I was nominated to do this by one of the very few users whom I actually like and think is really interesting as a person, so, here it is.

Warning: None of these are super-duper interesting, I just picked stuff I figured I haven't ever mentioned about myself before.

1) I was an honours student in college and won a couple of awards.

I went to school in the city of Oshawa in Ontario Canada for journalism in print and did a small stint in broadcast doing college radio. I was an honours student every semester and I even won two awards. One for best news story in the first year and one for a radio show I produced in my final year.

Good morning, this is your host...
Good morning, this is your host...

2) I tint/dye my eyebrows.

I have extremely light eyebrows, and it’s one of the few insecurities I actually feel compelled to change, so I colour my eyebrows to better match my hair.
7 Things I’ll Admit to G@G Because I LOVE SketchForger

Women are so fake waaaaaahhhhhh.

3) I didn’t originally want to be a journalist, I wanted to be a social worker.

I had a shitty childhood, so, it only made sense to me at the time to get into social work. It wasn’t until I did a few classes when I realized this just wasn’t for me, I didn’t have the skills for it, and I dropped out shortly after my first semester. I worked professionally for a year and returned to college for journalism as I had always been praised for my writing and story-telling “talents.”

I'm not sensitive enough for this shit.
I'm not sensitive enough for this shit.

4) I type in “CP Style” on G@G (not always perfectly)

CP Style, or Canadian Press Style is exactly what you think: a Canadian style of writing primarily implemented in the press. If you ever seen me write “per cent” instead of percent or %, it’s because I write in CP Style.

Sometimes, I get too lazy to write properly lol.
Sometimes, I get too lazy to write properly lol.

5) I GENUINELY don’t know why people like me and I wonder about it A LOT

I never seem to have a shortage of friends or people online who say they admire me, and I literally can’t fucking figure out why.


6) I have an unhealthy obsession with Jared Keeso.

He's just literally the epidemy of fucking manly, sexy Canadian swagger and I want to take a ride on his disco stick to the point it HURTS.


7) I have revealed my face to ONE person on G@G before

This is actually true. I had one person I trusted enough on this site who I did show a photo of myself to. It had a lot of filters on it, so it was obscure already, but I did show my face once. This person is no longer active on the site, so, don’t look for them.


Okay, soo, @SketchForger already nominated most of the people I would have, so... let's see...


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Most Helpful Guys

  • I like you because I like it when people have some imperfections that I am allowed to know about, it makes them all the more interesting and also you are great when it comes to advice and you almost always respond to my posts <3

    Although I am a bit of a grammar Nazi, I do appreciate it when there are some spelling errors etc. as it proves that the comment isn't a copy and paste or written by say, a bot or something, it just proves that the writer is human :)

    I also love your no shit attitude, you don't go along with things when someone argues, you just basically answer in a "Deal with it" type of way and I respect that, even if you answered me in that way :)

    I have a LOT of respect for you so far and I am sure you won't do anything to lose that respect


Most Helpful Girl

  • I admire you cause you are blunt af. Even blunter than me. And that's hard to top.

    Jared Keeso is defo hot. Never heard it called a disco stick, but I just got a little wet checking out his pic.

    Great myTake. Thanks.


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