3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your G@G Profile Private



Hello ladies and gentlemen of gag. It's ya boii here LoFii and i will be giving you 3 reasons to private your gag profile on this site.

As a long term vet of 7 years, i feel qualified to give this advice! ENJOY! :D

1. Haters

Everybody has at least 1. I have many lmao!
Everybody has at least 1. I have many lmao!

On this site there are tons of petty people who can't handle a simple opinion. Even people who just dont like you in general.

We call those people "HATERS"

They have nothing better to do with their lives other than to stalk your profile and persistently downvote your opinions and report you for utter nonsense.
They will completely abuse ever tool because they dont like you.

It's even worse when there's a group of them. Talk about not having a life.

2. Perverts

Get you some!!
Get you some!!

Pervs on here usually are lurking in the shadows on here. Their following list usually consists of female accounts of all ages. They dont care about the quality of your content in your questions... Nonono

All they care about is the quality of your rack and ass!

You will be flooded with dick pics and anything else you could imagine in your dms! G@G pervs are relentless do yourself a service and private your account immediately

What a typical Gag perv looks like
What a typical Gag perv looks like

3. The Debater

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your G@G Profile Private

Literally has nothing better to do than to come on here and reply to each comment you post to their argument against your opinion and tell you how wrong you are.

They will literally go on forever till you block or private your account so they stfu

Well this has been my 3 reasons to private your account.

There are more but these are the main 3 :P

I hope you enjoyed!

3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your G@G Profile Private
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Most Helpful Girls

  • BrileyCat
    my profile is always open . so a few weeks ago and last week i wrote 2 comments
    to support and encourage 2 people that had physical and emotional problems .
    then the other day i saw i got 4 downvotes for both comments .
    from 3 females and 1 male . why would they do that since i was being nice and helpful .
    there was nothing political or controversial about my comments .
    these must be my regular standard haters ganging up on me at the same time by coincidence .

    i looked in my profile . and i saw dozens of my comments now had 3 female and 1 male
    downvotes where i did not have any downvotes before. plus they added more downvotes
    to other comments with downvotes .

    they would not have been able to find all my comments browsing through the G@G categories .
    so they they went through my profile downvoting everything regardless of what they said .
    and without reading them . so i wondered if i should report these 4 people it or just let it go .
    then i thought what if they were not 4 people but just 1 person with 4 accounts sneaking
    through my profile . how deranged and dysfunctional can a person get? and who would i
    report it to? to a M A S or U . You better not i thought . they may be the ones that did it .
    just bc they have a symbol by their name doesn't mean they aren't jerks .
    bc some of them are . so i'm leaving my prof open . and i invite all G@G dysfunctionals
    who do need therapy but can't afford it to snake into my profile and downvote all you like .
    hope that helps some in need .
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    • lofii

      lmao i think you pissed some people off

      judging form your profile you look like a troll or a catfish

      i have a good guess about the people downvoting you

    • BrileyCat

      i'm neither . and i don't start anything personal with anyone. i mostly respond to stuff
      in general . that's the fine line difference . but it makes them mad anyway .
      you're right about that :) as far as trolling through my profile . i can't accuse anyone
      specifically . cos i have no ideas lol .

  • anmari2001

    I don't need to live in a bubble because of such people, its just internet, it won't hurt you if you don't take it personally and they probably have more issues or very boring lifes so why would I lock my profile because of them
    I will take the risk and face all lovely anons on this app
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    • lofii

      Same but sometimes they can really grind my gears

    • anmari2001

      so many memories and loving fights with anons

Most Helpful Guys

  • ROCKS128
    Im not afraid of those people.
    I can face them and avoid them at appropriate times.
    people here dont control my mind.
    Haters have right to hate😂, because always getting likes is not what keeps balance.
    I dont know about perv part.
    Debater, sometimes i find they are good, may be in words expression or their points. We can learn if mood sets or ignore anything they say.

    Because of such reasons yoh mentioned and some other, many peoplw go anonymous. So bad they are either afraid or not interested with many people in here because of their reactions.
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    • lofii

      More like your haters will report everything you do to get you kicked off the site

    I'm the annoying debator, sorry everyone :(
    Is this still revelant?
    • lofii

      We love you

      you should be an influencer

    • ENTP_EMO

      Thank you,
      I can't debate that.
      ... well played

    • lofii

      One day you'll be able to masturdebate as well as me

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • MemeSupreme
    I just stopped responding to people on messages because 7/10 times they ask me sexual question and the other two aren't that big of a deal because I don't post my opinion on most things that have to do with politics and I don't really make people angry on here
    • lofii

      Thank you for not being a moral crusader

  • Jaye234
    I quickly learned to make my account private and only those who I follow and follow me can message me.

    I no longer receive the sext chats although every so often I'll get pm wanting to talk all about sex. Which I don't talk about sex, especially with people I don't know.
    I may listen to thrash and death metal, curse like a sailor but I'm a prude.
    • lofii

      Let it be known that your vagina shall not be defiled by the filthy thoughts of sickos on this site

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I wish G@G has more filters besides private profiles & blocking.

    Meanwhile, I also wish GAG would stop choosing MHOs for me.
    • How's that work? Is it like after a week who ever got the most votes gets auto-selected?

    • @DesertCreature: I don't know how G@G chooses MHOs. I only care that they shouldn't be doing it for us. Some jerks express terrible opinions on my polls, questions and/or takes. G@G has given many MHOs to undeserving members. I think giving GAGgers only 7 days to pick on our own is not enough time.

    • Have to agree, i hate it when they do that, they gave the worst opinion most helpful on my question.

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  • DesertCreature
    I wonder how you've carried yourself on here to draw such behavior described in #1 and #3. #2 is a sad reflection on our gender, sorry ladies. At this time I'm satisfied with keeping it public and will make use of blocking if need be. Haven't blocked anyone to date.
  • MarilynMansonsSlvt
    ... Your profile is not private...
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • Wolframium
    I kind of have the feeling that this is mostly for girls.
    1 for guys? Maybe? 2? Nope. 3? Eeeeh…maybe?
    • lofii

      1 can go both ways

      2 there are thirsty females on here

      3 i guarantee you there are relentless people on here who have nothing better to do than to argue with you

    • lofii

      trust me

      im a professional

    • Wolframium

      Well, it seems like there is no person thirsty for me. :-D
      3: when I'm in the mood, I'm one of them. But later on I have different things to do.
      It's not about me not trusting you, I just have completelly different experience. Nobody cares kind of experience.

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  • worldscolide
    These are some of the main reasons i made my profile private.. I use to have a pic of my wife and i as the profile pic but some c. u. n. t. decided to take a copy of that and do horrible things to it and started telling every one it must be my brother.. Pink anons i am speaking to your ilk, it was one of you.
  • Uglyman97
    Haters can hate in me all they want... I literally don't give a shit.
    And pervs? I don't gotta woody about that... I'm a male.
    Therefore I will keep my profile open... it's more fun.. closed profile people are boring in my opinion
  • JackJPershing
    The Debater will create new accounts, so rather than block I just ignore.
  • SkipStop
    Eh. I'm not bothered by them. I never receive messages anyway. I'm a guy. No need to worry about dick pics.
  • inmensus
    Ugh, I agree with all of these. Especially the third one. They're so annoying.
    • lofii

      High five sister ✋

  • SouthernGirl23
    I put mine private. I was being invited to too many stupid questions.
  • call_me_scar
    Meh I like making fun of the haters, I'll gladly debate people and I dont think I have to worry about pervs so this doesn't apply to me
  • Browneye57
    First you have to give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. :)
    Fantastic take and very true there is lots of weirdos /pedos /creeps etc on GaG it is getting worse and the ones from india and pakistan
  • Leviathan_Charmer
    Cool. I don't think I've been having these problems, but if I do I'll privatize. 👍 Nice take.
  • xTom98
    couldnt care less about any of those points 😂
  • abbylikesu
    How do I make it private
    • lofii

      Go to settings on your dashboard and scroll through and there will be an option to set it to private

  • blubblubblub
    how come you're not on private then
    • lofii

      I want them to come on my questions so i can fire their asses up

    • its ok im an attention whore too sometimes

    • lofii

      you know me <3

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  • thevampire_queen
    Mine is not private
    • lofii

      You're an average user, you won't get as much haters.

      Im well known

  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take
    • lofii

      Thank you

      my haters inspired me

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    That number 3 lol :P
    • lofii

      Recognize all the signs before you motivate them to not stfu

    😂😂 very true. Good take dude!
  • Guyofallguys2
    Skinny penis
  • CurlyHairGuy
    Yea the debater sucks lol
  • snowbird17
    interesting very interesting