Narcissism and Racism on G@G


So recently on G@G, I have seen so many posts regarding race. Some are just genuine questions which I wouldn't mind answering, others just come across as arrogant and with slight malicious intent.

Many times on this website I have seen the phrase "white women are the best" or something along those lines. That is incorrect. Because nobody should be defined as "the best" by race. Not a single race. Because two women of different races could have the same qualities and the only thing which differs them would be race. Would one be better than the other because she's of a different race? I don't think so.

I've seen a question on here asking why white women are the supposed standard of beauty, well that made me the question, "what is the standard of beauty?" The truth is, you can't define it. Maybe for your personal preferences sure, but there is no such thing as a supposed standard of beauty because there is no one standard of beauty. People of all races can have beauty. One person's beautiful may be another person's ugly.

I saw another question on here stating "You do not thank the lord, you thank the whites!" Now whether you believe in the lord or not, we all know what people believe the lord to be. The most powerful, the tracscendant, the most just, and so on. The lord is believed to have more power than humans, power beyond our imagination. Now to say similar to"Oh no don't bother thanking the lord thank the whites instead!" That suggests, that because of race, somebody is putting white people up above someone who is believed to be as powerful as that, when in reality, they eat, sleep, breathe, respire, excreet waste, wee, burp, fart, just like any other person.

With any human, if you cut them they'll bleed, if they fall too hard they'll break a bone, if they eat something bad they'll get sick. So tell me how can you compare white people to lord when the lord when we humans cannot even comprehend the powerfulness of the lord? You can't and if you try to put any race next to or above the lord whether you believe in him or not, it's just obnoxious.

I'm a brown British Pakistani girl. I am proud of my heritage and where I am from, but I know there the difference between narcassim and being proud of who I am. Being proud of who I am is telling people about my heritage, correcting misconceptions about my culture and religion, embracing both sides of my culture. Being narracisistic about who I am is claiming that my race is the supposed standard of beauty, telling people to thank my race over the lord, just banging on and on about how my race is so great and simuntaneously implying that others are below it for some reason.

No race is the best.

No race is even the supposed, standard of beauty.

You should thank no race over the Lord.

No matter what our skin colour is we're all human. We all need water and food to survive, we can all be intelligent or stupid, we can do anything that humans can do regardless of the colour of our skin.

Thank you for reading :)

All Races Are Beautiful :)
All Races Are Beautiful :)
All Races Unite!
All Races Unite!

We're Better Together!
We're Better Together!
Narcissism and Racism on G@G
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  • Stingray444

    Exactly, We can't help how we are made. We can help who we are. "Racism" shouldn't even exist, even the term, because not only it's immoral to be, it doesn't make any since cuz people judge people just on their looks, and that's not right. People who are racist prolly had a bad experience with the specific race, or were brought up by parents or people who are racist or raised to be racist. It's still not right. Nice Post :)

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    • Nice response. :)
      What's even better about it is, like me you're young and you're aware they racism does, but shouldn't exist and the fact that we're the next generation, we should do a pretty good job at stamping it out ;)

    • Yea! 😋

      And Thank you for the MHO! 😃🙃

  • ShadowofRegret

    Good take miss.

    It is sad how that Satan has divided people on so many things including race.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • PumpkinSpiceisnice

    I feel those people have a severe inferiority complex. Like, do actual confident people need to put down others? I don’t think so. I’ know I’m confident and secure, I don’t need to put down anyone.

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  • Shezadi

    Beautiful. Crystal clear to the point. You are too smart for your age.
    I can no longer call you a "little" sister after reading this AMAZING article.

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  • ChocolateBrowny

    Haha becareful of the posh rich white areas of this country, they aren't culturally diverse and a few weeks ago i was out dating a white girl but it didn't stop a white English woman telling me to stand aside as she continued to ride her bike on the right side of the path as we were in her way taking a pictures of wildlife. She couldve gone around us, it not only offended me but the white girl i was with. She could see we also had her back turned to her. Another white waiter told me to pay for our meal in a restuarant that week aswell when we hadn't even finished our drinks. The sight of me with a white girl offends them. Im from a posh town in england and im when im either here or the other one down south i get some white supremecy coming my way. I do not react as these types will report. It's not narcissm, its racist. When the Indian women's hockey team won commonwealth gold, the england women pointed their fingers at then 'no no no' and protested for 1hr30minutes and paid for 3protests to the line judge. Yet when Cameroon had a tiny protest at a millimetre decision when up against the Women's england football team 2019, The England manager condemned their behaviour (white supremecy). I can tell you the Indian coaches in 2002 were humble and respectful of sporting emotions.

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    • I am lucky to live in a multicultural city, sure it's not posh or anything but if one person is racist to another everyone will be against the racist person. That's how it was at my secondary school anyway.

      It'd be so boring if there was only one type of person in England. Even my white friends agree on that. :P

    • ah well as long you like it thats fine, i find crime is high in multicultural cities (i studied in the black country), whilst you can be friends with an array of cultures, you'll find they put you in a priority list order. Imagine you (different culture) and another of their friends (own culture) are saying hello at the same time, theyll say hello to them first. Imagine talking to a person and their own culture friend pops up, uh oh you're no longer their priority. They'll also be different in their mood around you and reserved. I therefore stick to posh English towns as i may look dark in my photo (bad lighting) but im very light, blend in and feel safe. I also have posh English nurturing and mannerisms that the English trust and understand and they are more open-minded to me than my own race (although i do take 1 step back)! Workplaces are a whole different experience, your multicultural upbringing will prepare you for that i hope anyway so its good you pride yourself in saying your lucky.

    • Hehey

      They were probably surprised because it's super rare for a white girl to date indian guy.

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  • eminde

    Yup absolutely true I came upon certain uselessly racist questions which makes me think that are we living in 21st century right now?”I mean we’re heading towards 2020 dammit grow up from discrimination!!!”

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    • I know, the human race has been to space, we've made technological advances yet we can't find a solution to something as simple as discrimination?

    • eminde


  • sawno

    I agree with you in the general sense that no race is superior over another, but its WAAAY more nuanced then you are making it seem. Because when it comes down to dated, like it or not racial preferences are a thing and most people on this website are indeed admitting they find one race more attractive than others, and most guys on here seem to be westerners attracted to white women.

    So what would you want us to do when asked which race you find the most attractive? Lie? Do you want us to speak the standard doctrine of "Every race is really beautiful in its own right, and every women should be seen in her own beauty. But i like white girls" rather than just being upfront about it?

    Because if anything really gets on my nerves its people behind dishonest and unpure, i hate it to deep within my soul. I will never adapt my language to water down what i mean beyond reason (Sometimes adapting the way i say it to make it less hard hitting can be useful with a sensetive audience but ill not change my message or water down what i stand for).

    GAG does not have a racist problem, yes some people think races should be treated differently and that is a problem. But even they usually do it with good intentions trying to get a more balanced outcome not realising how tirannical their idea's are. Which is why i debate them on that if i see it.

    But if you do wish to claim people having racial prefferences in dating is an issue then we can also say homosexuality is a problem because it would imply everyone has a choice what they are attracted to and homosexuality can not get offspring. So lets not try to become doctors of dating prefference shall we? Its pretty much established that people do have racial preferences especially in dating and nothing is wrong with that as long as we treat each other fairly.

    • I'm not talking about dating specifically, racial preferences are cool, I understand that some people may want to date their own race only, maybe to keep the gene pool flowing, or because simply that's what they find attractive. People may want to only date certain races because that's what they find attractive.

      What I have a problem is people preaching that one race is the best. Nobody should ever say one race is the best because that implies all the other races are below that race.

      If what they mean is, "I find the X race most attractive" then they should say that not claim that the X race is the best, because that's where racial supremacy kicks in, even if it's not intended but somebody else could take it that way.

    • sawno

      There is another concept on the internet that not everyone is as well versed as you might assume they are. There are many non native speakers, people quickly typing on phones etc. I agree it would be better if they phrased it that way but 99% of the time that is what they actually mean when they say white girls are the best. Although in that sentence its a bit broader, it could extent to behavior as well but in the end they are speaking out a preference rather than superiority. Only people who are really racially motivated tend to read it that way, which is unsurpricing given how many of university proffesors are indoctrinating teens into thinking they are some kind of hateful mob while in reality its ordinary people without a racial lense.

    • In all honesty, putting that one phrase behind us, I do believe G@G has a racism problem.

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  • themomo84

    People have the luxury of thinking what they think. You can post all about the white race, the black race, the Asian race or the Hispanic race. Do I favor one over the other? Now. Reading some of those posts are interesting in terms of trying to understand the mindset of the person. If it's all about hate, then it's really simple.

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  • Piteka5

    That don't thank the lord was probably someone joking, but most people have race preferences for dating, doesn't mean they are totally closed to other races, just that they prefer one or another. And I know white people who prefer to always date non whites. For me it's fine.

    I always think that we should judge more by what people are in control of. That's a better way of getting to know someone

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  • Girther10

    I think that generally, whenever you see a “question” with any words like “white”, or”black”, in reference to people, it’s a sure sign that some level of implied racism is there. Why say anything about (insert color here) people at all? Describing people in terms of color should be universally unacceptable. We need to get out of this “color” mindset once and for all.
    Good take, well written and organized. Thought provoking and pleasurable to read. Thank you @SpiderManFan2002.

    • I love once what Morgan Freeman said "Racism will I end when I stop calling you a white man, and you stop calling me a black man" or something along those lines :)

    • Girther10

      @spider- great minds think alike😂🤪

  • Daniela1982

    Get used to it. We face some kind of discrimination every day, be it your race, color of your skin, or weight. Or a combination of any of the above. I've faced the fat shaming. You have two choices. Either deal with it or do something about it. I did something about it and am losing weight. But until I get down to a normal weight I still face it.

    • No, I won't get used to it, I will fight against it until the day I die. What do you expect me to do bleach my skin white? No, thank you. I like my skin as it is, and others who don't like it should get used to it.

      I ain't changing for nobody.

    • So you have 2 choices - do something about it if you can. or deal with it. Little Kim bleached her skin to become white. So you CAN do something and it is possible.

    • @Daniela1982 I don't even know who little Kim is. And hell no, I will never bleach my skin and become white to appease a few racists. They need to change, not me. I feel amazing in my own skin and am proud of it.

      I'm not the one in the wrong, they are.

  • Britantic

    It's a good mytake but there are some misconceptions and certain bias against white people in it. White people celebrating their rich heritage and sharing their culture does not take away from your own or others. You need to be more tolerant towards white people and white culture. This White Queen bears you no ill will I just hope in time the hot hatred you feel for white people will cool. You have no reason to feel inferior to us White Queens, who cares if soceity holds us up as the "supposed" Standard of Beauty that foesnt matter.

    Narcissism and Racism on G@GNarcissism and Racism on G@G
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    • Honey, I don't feel inferior to "white queens" and I hold no hatred towards you either.

      I have actually grown up in a really diverse city full of people of various ethnicities, even my best friend who is Hungarian white thought that those questions asked were extremely racist if anything she pointed that out before me.

      You know I even have white people in my family? Why would I hold hatred towards my own family members?

      Society doesn't hold you up as the supposed standard of beauty, who are you to speak for the whole of society?
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G
      Narcissism and Racism on G@G

      People view all these women as beautiful too. A mixture of women, not just one kind ;)

    • Britantic
      I never said white queens were the Standard of Beauty but the supposed Standard.
      Your first picture is of Beyonce who has dyed her hair and is said to lighten her skin color to conform to society's supposed white standard of beauty.
      Also by singling out white people as narcissistic & racist in a negative way you are actually being racist.

    • And Beyonce dyes her hair? So what? So does Stacey Dooley? She's said to use skin lighteners doesn't mean she does, well, a lot of white women spend money on fake tan, and sit in sunbeds.

      Two articles, wow, from again, just another person's perspective. A person's perspective doesn't speak for the whole of society. Beauty is subjective, not objective. Society has no standard of beauty because each and every person has their own preferences and dislikes.

      I never said white people are racist or narcissistic, I'm just conveying a view about certain posts on here. After all, I'm not the first to describe the posts in that way.

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  • Jersey2

    We don’t need a lecture from you on what we think because it differs from what YOU think. Now that is arrogant! Fuck the thought police.

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    • What it's arrogant of me to not want any kind of discrimination?

    • Jersey2

      You want to control other people opinions if they don’t match yours. If they insist, people like you go full ballistic and start throwing names around based on how YOU want the world. Pakistani? Really? Fix your own culture!!!

    • I don't want control, I want to convey my own opinions to others, so they can see things from my point of view.

      Fix my own culture? Nothing wrong with my British Pakistani culture as far am I'm aware.

      Does somebody to be a tad bit educated? Ironically, you seem to be the one throwing a temper tantrum here. I'm as cool as the Spider-verse and that's pretty cool. ;)

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  • JDavid25

    Great take.. I agree with everything except the proud part.. I am very satisfied in my skin shade, hair texture, and culture I come from.. But, I wouldn't say I'm proud of a social label put on me by society.. I accept that I am seen as a "Black" man through society..

    • When I say 'proud' I don't mean in a prideful arrogant way, I mean, like you I am happy with myself as I am. :)

    • JDavid25

      Oh yeah I know.. Lol... That's good though.. :)

    • JDavid25

      Aw yeah I know.. Lol.. And that's good.. :)..

  • ZeussLightningBolt

    That may be true, but what group of people will admit that they're WORST then another group?
    Exactly, NONE!

    And that "Thank The Whites" MyTake was simply showcasing contributions of the white race to society. Technological, cultural and scientific innovations. The world wouldn't be like it is today, if it wasn't for the contributions of the whites.

    What are the contributions of Pakistanis?

    Why are white and East Asian countries the most civilized and advanced on earth, while Pakistan is a poor diseased, impoverished nation full of radical Islamists. What positive things have PAKISTANIS contributed to society?

    The world would be an impoverished uncivilized shithole if it weren't for whites and Asians!

    So other races are less advanced culturally and technologically, but some how that's OUR fault?
    Maybe Pakistanis should be teaching their young men science and medicine, instead of radicalizing them and teaching them to despise the West!

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    • Positive things Pakistanis have contributed to society... Let me think...
      Fertilizers with non-explosive materials
      Sagar Veena
      Software Simulation which could potentially reduce the death rates in a bomb blast
      The Ommaya Reservoir
      A lavotry which converts human waste into minerals and clean water
      A brain silicon chip connection
      Human development index
      (c) brain
      Imran Khan one of the greatest cricketers to ever live.
      The first workable plastic magnet

      You completely missed the point of this MyTake. And just your claims alone, show how uneducated you are. Pakistanis contributed to society in those ways in which I listed above but you don't see me saying "Don't thank the lord! Thank the Pakistanis!"

      Because I know yes, we've contributed to society in some pretty cool ways, but I know we're still human at the end of the day, and in some way every human has contributed to society. Just because I haven't heard of the contributions doesn't mean that they haven't been done.

      So before I thank the Pakistanis or white people, or any other race, I thank humanity, because we're all humans at the end of the day.

    • Okay thank you.
      But they also gave us the Taliban and grooming gangs.

      But is it not true that White and East Asian countries are the only ones that are classified as First World/Developed?
      How do you explain that?

    • Why is Pakistan the only nation on earth where children are still dieing from polio?

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  • AynonOMouse

    You must not watch Family Guy. That is where that came from "Don't thank the lord, thank the Whites."
    It is referring to the fact that Whites invented/discovered almost everything we use. Way more than all other races combined. It was even a song on that Family Guy cartoon. That is where that came from.

    • Still, they shouldn't suggest that. If I went on here and said, "Don't thank the lords, thank the browns", I'd get complaints and most likely racist comments about my culture.

      It doesn't matter where it comes from, it shouldn't be said.

  • tartaarsaus

    I can't really find anything in this MyTake that I disagree with. Great MyTake!

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  • RoyalFlushAce

    I honestly don't think people are racist as you think. Some idiots are like one guy told me he wants all minorites deported out of the US to make it all white. But they are a small percentage of people who think like that. I have no problem with any race at all. In all honestly though i do see a lot of reverse racism on here. Also I see a lot of people called out for being racist who really are not.

    • I've met a number of racist people on here.
      One person said Britain should only be for whites.
      One person said nobody likes people of colour.
      People have called me not British because I happen to be of Pakistani heritage.

      I've also seen Islamophobic people on here.
      One person told me I was part of a cult and said I had no humanity about me because I'm Muslim.
      I know, it's not everyone on here, some people are actually really nice on here, and some people genuinely don't know things about different cultures and once you correct them, they realise their errors. But I do think there is a racism problem on this website too, sometimes.

    • People are idiots and a lot of people on this site are honestly mentally ill that is why they say these things.

  • Sevenpointfive

    i think it's a small crowd of people on both sides of every issue that like to get a reaction out of the other side for kicks. i don't think any is too serious about it. some are...

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  • e-Ghost

    Narcissism & Racism? The reality is, we are all (and I mean all of us, left or right) the victims of Identity Politics strategy.

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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    Close the borders, national soveiergnty forever
    Immigration destroys nations

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  • Dchrls78104

    Like I've always been saying, racism is a form of narcissism and racists need to be institutionalised or locked up.

  • SexyAshh

    Everyone speaks of it on here

    Freedom of speech

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