#NoMore To Hatred! <3

#NoMore To Hatred! <3

Hatred is the disease of the world. At first glance, it might seem like a form of cancer. But cancer is far worse- it cannot be cured. Hatred can. The cure for hatred is education.

I see hatred being spewed on this website day-in, day-out.

Here are a few quotes on this website which I have seen:
"You need to pick up your weapons and kill some hijabis"

""It's time for we white people to stand up and fight against those fucking invaders. They are the worst!"

"It's time for we: Cherokess, Navajo, Nahualts, Aimaras to stand up and fight against those fucking invaders. They are the worst!"


" imho... just kick every alien without a job out of the country"

I could go on forever. But surely by now, you get my point.

I try my best to fight against this hatred, and I try not to let it affect me. But sometimes, it feels like a complete beat down. I've been called a "collaborator" with grooming gangs because I mention all the facts- not just one biased side to it. I have been told that I deserve to be acid attacked by a migrant because I don't agree with locking up children. And at the same time, when I responsed to that "acid attack" threat, I got told that I could potentially have a left-wing "mob mentality" because I mentioned the guy who wished that upon me, could lose his job. I've been compared to a "dog born in a stable" and been told I'm not British despite being born in England and never leaving England my whole life.

I wrote this MyTake: Narcissism and Racism on G@G

And it got accused of being a "veiled hateful attack on White people & White Queens."

I have been told I need to " take a vow of silence about anything other than celeb gossips and Netflix" and that I am a "potential threat to secruity"

And on top of that, my ethnic community, faces so much hate on this website. I get told rape is apart of my culture- when it isn't, I know what is and isn't apart of my culture, and rape isn't one of those things. In actual fact, Pakistani men make up less than 10% of the sex offender register, in the UK.

Then I read vicious posts against Pakistani men, and I think of the good Pakistani men I know, like my father, his brothers (my uncles), my little brother, my cousins, my grandfathers (RIP to my paternal grandfather), some of my previous teachers, my friends, and even some of the new people I've met at college- and I think: "Why do they, who have done nothing- deserve this kind of hate?" "What have they done?" "These people contribute to our society, and this is the 'thanks' they get?"

I try to contribute to society, and this is the 'thanks' I get?

Many people contribute to society and the 'thanks' they get is uneducated hatred towards them for something which they can't control?

The cure for hatred is more simple than you think. Education. Nobody is born with hatred, hatred is driven into somebody- through bias, grooming, misinformation. And one way to fight those three germs which lead to the disease of hatred, is education.

Educating people about different communities. Showing them that different people, are not a threat to one's culture. Telling them both sides of the stories. Showing them good sucessful people within whichever community they hold bias against.

And even after all that, if they still hold hatred- let them keep that hatred for themselves and the hateful circles which also refuse to give up a disease. And that hatred will kill them from within, not literally, but having hatred and mallice for anybody is a negative feeling towards somebody, so that's extra negativity in their lives. Negativity takes up energy more energy than positivity.

I've tried countless times to change people who still hold hatred, and I feel like I am beginning to make myself ill because of that. It makes me feel upset and angry- so why am I making myself upset and angry for hateful people? Why am I putting myself on the verge of tears for hateful people?

At first I didn't want to block anyone, because I wanted to change people, but some people are just too far gone for now, to change. I have hope for them that they will change in the future, all I can say is I've tried- maybe somebody else can change them, and if anyone does change a hateful person, then I applaud you.

Any last words?

Whatever you are, your ethnic background, your gender, your nationality, your religion, your non-religion, your sexuality- or anything else which could make you a minority or majority, remember... We all are one human race. And we all need to stand together, and educate each other to cure the disease of hatred.

Learn about each other, because we are not threats to each other no matter what people who constantly attempt to divide say- we're just a little different from each other. Like there are different methods of multiplication but they all lead to the same answer. There are different ways of life, but we're all human at the end of the day. Not the best analogy, but surely you get my point.

So let's all unite and say #NoMore to hatred! <3 :)

Thank you for reading :) <3

#NoMore To Hatred! <3
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  • Sevenpointfive
    i think you're a smartgirl, but i don't think you see the entire picture on a lot of things because you are so young. you would make a great journalist. you have the heart and drive that is needed, but you might have to martyr for it.

    there are better ways to be heard than dying for a cause.
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    • Thank you. And I know I don't understand absolutely everything and there might not be a certain perspective I see a particular stories, and I am open to seeing numerous perspective even if they may be immoral so I can identity facts from bias, and come to my own conclusion.

      But I don't understand- why may I have to martyr for a cause?

    • because you have to be willing to die for a cause in the business.

    • Well, if that's what it takes to change things- then it's worth the sacrafice. :)

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  • jimmy2
    You doing very well at your age. Keep the faith and make a difference in this cruel world.
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  • ILoveAnime
    Unfortunaly, this is the world we live in. People don't like to admit when they are wrong or even open their minds to possibilities. All because they would too close to their self-made prejudices and dogmas.
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  • WhiteShoulder
    I agree with everything you said
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  • Shezadi
    Pakistani grooming gangs raped 1400 white under-aged girls using drugs in 16 years. In 2018, 30 Pakistanis were jailed for raping white girls. Still, you use the race card despite being a woman yourself. This is why I am not proud to be a Pakistani.
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    • I'm not using the race card my God. All I'm saying is it isn't fair that the whole Pakistani community gets stereotyped as rapists, abusers, pedophiles!

      You know the day you get stereotyped as something as such then don't cry about racism.

  • 24brownish
    Sorry you can't get rid of it... i try to reason and first step to reason is admitting your own shortcomings.. which i am always willing to admit... but if the other person is hell bent on not even listening thoughtfully... i have no interest in showing them love.
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    • If one person showing hatred isn't willing to change right now, or as you put it "hell bent" then I can only hope they change in the future.

      But I have seen cases where, people have changed for the better. :)

    • 24brownish

      I haven't seen one such case.. u must be lucky

  • SkipStop
    Not taking online opinions seriously will make your mental state less stressful. People can say whatever they want in many online places. If you sense that the person wrote something out of hate then there is no point of talking to them. Haters gonna hate. They don't listen. So the best thing you can do is ignore them. It can be tempting to fight back which could lead to victory, but it's just not worth the effort.
  • D_Bone_Steak

    The thing about this sort of wokeness and the virtue signaling that ensues, besides it just being so cringy, is that a lot of the points made are not quite right... but it's presented as a 'Gish Gallop' and it is an overwhelming task to go through each point one by one and point out exactly why it's nonsensical garble that didn't say much. On top of that the gish galloping virtue signaler isn't going to listen to any of the points made. Then comes all their cohorts... want to see hate, they'll show you the hate alright.

    So what does it achieve... well everyone that agreed with you already still agrees, everyone else though hasn't be convince of anything, just chewed out for not having the right opinion.

    Come at me haters #shitpost
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    • No. It's okay to have a difference of opinion. But when you begin to hate on people for factors that make them who they are, factors which don't harm anybody, factors which they can't control, non-harmful beliefs- that is utterly wrong.

      For example, I have friends who are atheists, Christains, Sikhs and I'm a Muslim. We all have different beliefs about God but none the less, we accept our differences and we're all great friends.

      It achieves, helping me feel better about stuff I've been going through lately, it helps people have a positive read, it's up here forever- and you never know someday someone might read it and think: "Actually, this is pretty cool."

      You never know :) <3

    • Yeah I can agree with that... I'm all about dropping the identity wars, and just unifying as human.

      Sadly though... you know they're coming for us. They're going to hit us first with their identity and then start taking digs at ours. That whole oppressed vs. the oppressed mentality. They're going to read this... and they're going to start calling me names. They're going to attack (my identity, my character, who I am). I think if we figure out how to deal with those types, we've figured out a step forward away from identity wars.

  • Rangers
    We aren't one race, we're all different in one way or another, it's silly to suggest otherwise. Does that justify hating particular races? No, I shouldn't have to clarify that, but being as far right as I am, most of what I say is taken with a grain of salt, which is funny most of the time, but I still have to be perfectly clear.
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  • A-man-22
    How do you tell the difference between dislike and hatred thought.

    Different people would put different comments in either category.

    What you may class as hate others may not and vice versa.

    I feel it's best if we leave it up to the question poster, as we can currently with the "I don't want to see this" option.
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  • tartaarsaus
    True. Blind hatred because of religion, ethnicity and more is just vile and bad
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  • Ad_Quid_Orator
    The air of anonymity in the internet allows this kind of rhetoric to fester.
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  • name_is_eric
    Hatred is the most humane emotion, it's utterly useless to fight against it. You're not making a difference.
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    • Hmm... I dislike your opinion- but I hold no hatred towards you.

      I hope and pray that one day you change and if you don't you are missing out on so many amazing things. People can change, so I can only hope you do too. As for now, have a great day/night/evening/afternoon whatever it is in your timezone.

      :) <3

    • Waffles731

      He is a literal Nazi,

      He deserves to ve thw victim of someone with hatred

    • @Waffles731 If he's a Nazi then I pity him and I can only hope that toxic belief stops infecting his mind one day.

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  • lucas262
    Part of me wanted to find my twins ex boyfriend and bury him in the hills someplace for the stalker type shit he's done.

    Same time im learning to love like Jesus, iv understand he's hurt and he isn t handling it right. so we talked a little and iv prayed for him, being the bigger man.
  • AynonOMouse
    When certain groups stop hating and mistreating me, then maybe I'll reconsider how I am towards them. But when multiples of specific groups are repeatedly messed up, it is only natural to dislike them for their behavior.
  • MoscowMitch
    A brave and timely post. I recommend it to my fellow GaGgers.
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  • Agape93
    Well said hon! One must stand against stupid hatred, even if society doesn’t like it.
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  • KieranByrne
    Tried! Think a couple of people deserve to die, before I start going. "Ok, maybe i miss the person" just a tint bit.
    • Who deserves to die?

    • Bullies, the psychological manipulator that accused and abused. Ran away before i could explain what the person meant to me.

    • I disagree on the fact that someone deserves to die, people can still change you know.

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  • 1828avaava1828
    TLDR but I'm sure your heart is in a good place :)
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  • Sofia097
    Hatred is a Cancer they tend spreed effect things around it.
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  • sheepdip
    Hatred can be cured
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    • Yep :)

      But like an addiction a person has to be willing to recognise it in themselves, and be willing to change :) <3

      Once they have realised that, then education can cure it for good! ^_^

  • AngelLily
    Hate on both sides definitely should stop
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  • Dav1ss
    You're very right and I thought you'd quit
    • Thank you. I came back though- I didn't say I quit for certain. :)

  • UncleBumbleF_K
    This is why I prefer indifference.
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